Anne Foster

Anne Foster
Affiliation Regulus Wrath Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator


Anne Foster was a fighter in Solaris VII's BBL for the Regulus Wrath Stables during the Dark Age.[1]

She did participate in the 3086 Championship, though it was a bad year for her.[1]

Meg Shaw won her first match of the year against Anne Foster, using the short-range firepower of her Charger-3K to hammer Foster's Cudgel into submission before the Wrath 'Mech could close.[1]

During week eight, Anne Foster finished out the Wrath's miserable week by losing to Neil Oldenwhite in a no-flash, ho-hum affair.[2]

She was having a bad season.

In week eighteen she was paired against Thomas Colby. Foster and her Cudgel have not had a good season, and the match talk wasn't if Colby would win, but when. The answer was eleven minutes, when Foster sends up a surrender flare when her 'Mech's left leg was destroyed by a well placed shot.[3]




She pilots a Cudgel.[1]


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