Annika Tellman

Annika Tellman
Affiliation Star League

Annika Tellman was a member of the Star League Defense Force during the closing years of the Star League era. Tellman had reached the rank of Major General and was serving as commander of the SLDF forces on the Terran Hegemony world of Dieron when Stefan Amaris launched Operation APOTHEOSIS in 2766, the coup that secured him control of the vast majority of the Hegemony.[1]


When APOTHEOSIS began at 1700 hours Terran Standard Time on the 27th of December, due to an error or incompetence on the part of the Rim Worlds Army commander on the ground, General Tolstin Eukai, the Republican naval forces secured both jump points in the system according to schedule, but the Republican forces on the ground failed to secure the planetary HPG. With communications in the system still active and the SLDF still in control of all four Castles Brian, distress signals from the jump points reached Dieron seventy-five minutes after Eukai's forces should have begun moving. As soon as the distress signals were received, both Tellman and the Planetary Governor, Paolo Varellas, declared a state of emergency. Varellas encouraged all of the citizens of Dieron to implement peaceful resistance against the occupation; General Tellman opened the Castles Brian to those who wished to flee the Republican occupation, while directing the few SLDF combat units on Dieron in a holding action against the Rim Worlds forces.[1]

Tellman's actions ensured that the Republican forces couldn't immediately occupy the various Castles Brian, particularly Fort Hallik, site of the headquarters for the SLDF 14th Army, and bought time for tens of thousands to take shelter within the Castles before the Castles were sealed. The Republicans used a combination of conventional and nuclear strikes to destroy communications arrays and sever the various SLDF communications links, as well as preventing the SLDF from keeping control of the local Space Defense System; Tellman ordered the auxiliary command centers for the SDS to be destroyed in response, preventing the Republicans from gaining access to the SDS. While the Republican forces secured control of most of Dieron, tens of thousands of regular, reserve and retired members of the SLDF amongst the population took up arms, forming perhaps the most dangerous anti-Republic resistance movement within the boundaries of the former Terran Hegemony.[1]


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