Ano Rentoshi

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Ano Rentoshi
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Profession General

Ano Rentoshi was a General in the Draconis Combine. He commanded the First Sword of Light while on Chandler.


Attack on Wolcott[edit]

After interrogating Tengwan, the Ghost Bear strike force would travel to Wolcott to strike Retoshi and his forces. The Ghost Bear and Draconis forces would fight each other as the the former was inching closer to Rentoshi's base. The General would tell his forces to hold fire as the Ghost Bear's force would also hold fire as they listen to his message.[1]

Making a Bargain[edit]

" General Ano Rentoshi to Ghost Bear Mechs, Halt your assault! Repeat, halt your assault! I know a thing about the Draconis ‘Mechs you’re looking for. Return to your DropShip immediately, and I will transmit the information to you."

-Rentoshi attempt to deal with the Ghost Bear forces

Realizing that fighting the Ghost Bears would be a lost cause, Rentoshi would offer the Mechwarrior and their starmates a chance for vital information. The only deal is that the Ghost Bears forces would return to their dropships. While it was a reasonable deal, Bekker would urge the Mechwarrior to kill Rentoshi for the honor and glory of the Clan. Fortunately the Ghost Bear Mechwarrior and their starmates would depart, with Rentoshi honoring his agreement.

Keeping a Promise[edit]

"You are an honorable warrior, Ghost Bear. As am I. I will now transmit the information."

-Rentoshi after seeing the Ghost Bear's restraint

After the Ghost Bear strike force returned to their dropship, Rentoshi would commend the Clan warriors on their temperance and transmit his information about the stolen Mech. Rentoshi's clues would lead the Bears to the world of Jeanette. While both Ghost Bear Command and were impressed by the Mechwarrior's meekness, Edwin was furious about it, calling for a Trial of Grievance over the Mechwarrior's conduct. With Edwin dead, the Ghost Bears would proceed to Jeanette to face the weakened (but still aggressive) Smoke Jaguars. [2]


Rentoshi pilot a Hatamoto-Chi BattleMech during his time on Wolcott.


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