Anthony Alicea

Anthony Alicea
Affiliation Simonson's Cutthroats
Profession Major


Anthony Alicea became the commanding officer of Simonson's Cutthroats between in 3071.[1]

In 3061, the Cutthroats reappeared in the Chaos March on the beleaguered world of Fletcher with two understrength battalions. They were immediately contracted by the Word of Blake to join the garrison of Terra. In the years that followed, the Blakists assisted the Cutthroats in returning almost to full-strength by 3067. The Cutthroats were provided with a third Overlord-class DropShip by their employers, giving them full transport capacity. Their unit quality at this point was regular. Due to their long absence (and possibly their employment with the Word of Blake), their "Dragoon Rating" was D-.[2] In late 3067, they were sent to Caph to support the planetary government, which had declared for the Word of Blake Protectorate, against the local militia, which opposed the move and had attempted a coup against the government. The Cutthroats easily put down the rebellion and remained on-planet in the aftermath.[1][3]

The Cutthroats continued to serve the Word of Blake when the Jihad began in November 3067. Attacking the Federated Suns' world of Ankaa in May of 3069, the Cutthroats easily secured that world. However, one of their Overlord-class DropShips was forced to make an emergency landing and was destroyed in a nuclear explosion from a Davy Crockett-class tactical warhead. The casualties led the Word of Blake to delay deploying the Cutthroats in any new offensive operations. The mercenaries remained on Ankaa, where they began recruiting and training Protectorate Militia units. The Cutthroats soon became experts in the interrogation of suspected insurgents, specializing in torturing prisoners. This training and philosophy provided by the mercenaries was successful both in creating an effective militia and in eliminating the underground resistance movement on Ankaa. The Cutthroats would soon find their services requested on worlds throughout the growing Protectorate, and they were sending liaisons to assist in the training of Protectorate Militia troops in anti-insurgency tactics throughout the Protectorate.[1]

In September 3070, the Cutthroats joined the 8th and 21st Divisions in an assault on the Capellan world of St. Ives. The fighting was extraordinarily brutal, and nearly two million Capellan civilians were reported killed. In the end, the Cutthroats and their Blakist allies were forced to retreat with heavy damage.[4] Afterwards, the Cutthroats returned to Ankaa to recover.

The Cutthroats had been branded wanted criminals by the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission after the Blakist attacks on Outreach at the start of the Jihad, and their actions in the Protectorate led the MRBC to place very large bounties on their heads. Many small bounty hunter units attempted to collect on those bounties with attacks on Ankaa, though all failed until a strike in September 3071, when a raiding force in Word of Blake colors landed at the spaceport and began destroying nearby militia units. When the Cutthroats scrambled to intervene, a platoon of commandos penetrated their command center and captured both Colonel Victor Simonson and his executive officer, Major Lars Syrstad, as well as killing several other officers and support staff during the raid before escaping. The MRBC later announced the detention of both men, though it did not disclose who was behind the raid. Major Anthony Alicea vowed to rescue her commanders as soon as the Cutthroats recovered from their losses.[1]

The fate of Simonson's Cutthroats with the fall of the Word of Blake and the end of the Jihad has not yet been reported on, however it may be assumed they were either destroyed in the fighting, fled to become pirates, or were at some point disbanded.[5]


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