Anti-Personnel Pod

Anti-Personnel Pod


An Anti-Personnel Pod (A-Pod) is a piece of equipment designed specifically for 'Mechs. A-Pods are carried in the leg(s) of a 'Mech and, when detonated, effectively fill an area 15 meters in diameter with deadly shrapnel. They can be used to attack conventional infantry that is occupying the same area as the 'Mech. It is a one-shot weapon and cannot be reused.[1]

A-Pods were developed by Clan Ghost Bear in 2850; they were later adopted by ComStar after the Battle of Tukayyid in 3055 and shortly after that by the rest of the Inner Sphere. No matter which technology base is used, the half-ton A-Pods function identically.[1]


Game Notes[edit]

An Anti-Personnel Pod can only be used against ground units in the same hex as the 'Mech. It deals 1d6 points of damage to conventional infantry and has no effect on other units.


The A-Pod is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
Ma Mien Stewart Corean Enterprises SRC-3C Sirocco [2]
Defiance Type 3 Hesperus II Defiance Industries  ??? [citation needed]


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