Anti-Personnel Weapon Mount


The Anti-Personnel Weapon Mount (like the Modular Weapon Mount that inspired it) is a piece of battle armor equipment that allows the operator to swap weapons based on mission parameters. Unlike the standard Modular Weapon Mount, the AP Weapon Mount only interfaces with "secondary weapons"; modified versions of conventional infantry weapons.[1]

AP Weapon Mounts can carry two classifications of weaponry. The first are small arms commonly used by the infantry themselves, such as rifles and submachine guns, allowing battle suits to effectively engage enemy soft targets without the potential overkill of their standard armaments. The second are larger support weapons (those not designed to be mounted on battle armor[1]), however in most cases this is redundant, since battle suit weapons are already more efficient, more powerful versions of those same weapons.[2]


Game Notes[edit]

Weighing 5kg each, the AP Weapon Mount has harnesses, weapon status lines, and targeting interfaces for a variety of battlesuit primary weapon systems. The AP Weapon Mount is only restricted by the free weight of the battle armor and the size of the weapon.[1]


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