Anti-Radiation Missile


Anti-Radiation Missiles are special-purpose missiles which can be fired from SRMs, MMLs and LRMs. Similar to Listen-Kill Missiles, ARAD Missiles are able to home in on active electronic systems, however unlike L-K missiles they do not sacrifice their range or damage potential, and are not easily confused by ECM. They are however incompatible with Streak or Artemis systems. ARAD Missiles were first developed by Clan Smoke Jaguar in 3055 and put into production by 3057, followed by the Free Worlds League in 3065 and 3066 respectively.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

ARAD Missiles follow the same rules as Narc-equipped standard missiles, however they ignore the effects of ECM against targets tagged by a friendly Narc pod. ARAD Missiles receive beneficial to-hit modifiers against targets using one of the following: Active Probes, Artemis fire-control systems, Blue Shield Particle Field Dampener, C3 systems, communications equipment (3.5+ tons) or ECM suites. This effect also occurs if the target has been tagged by a friendly Narc or iNarc homing pod. However, the ARAD missile does not receive any further to-hit bonus from the pod. Against targets not using the above, ARAD Missiles suffer negative to-hit modifiers.[1]


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