Anti-Ship Missile


The Anti-Ship Missile (AS) was an Arrow IV variant developed by the Federated Suns. Development of this missile began in 3069, spurred on by the Blakist blockade of New Avalon, with limited production started in 3071. Though based on the Arrow system, the ASM incorporates Tandem-Charge Warhead technology and is fitted with powerful booster engines to give it greater velocity. Armor penetration is achieved as much through kinetic energy as the dual warhead, and while devastating against large vessels the increased speeds and limited guidance system means the weapon has a harder time hitting fast, agile targets.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

ASM Missiles weighs 2 tons and may only be mounted on aerospace units; each missile takes up 6 bomb slots. They may be only be fired at Altitude Level 3 or higher on the Low Altitude map, as well as the Space map. The weapon suffers to-hit modifiers when fired at aerospace targets less than 500 tons or ground targets 100 tons or less.[1]


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