Antian Lanciarii

Antian Lanciarii
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The Antian Lanciarii were a mercenary unit associated with the world of Antias, active on the rimward periphery frontier in the early 31st century.


As of 3026, the Antian Lanciarii were in the employment of the Aurigan Coalition, and considered a reliable unit though their experience level was merely rated "green".[1]

They took part in Operation RESTORED HOPE, an operation that served to identify candidates for the Aurigan Coalition Military's nascent Rampart Company special operations company on the sidelines. One of the unit's MechWarriors contracts, that of Patrik "Recurve" MacDonnell, was purchased by the ACM in exchange for an ongoing lucrative contract with the Aurigan Coalition.[2] The Antian Lanciarii subsequently served the Aurigan Coalition in a semi-official capacity, patrolling borders and addressing the security concerns of the Founding Council.[3]

As of 21 February 3027, the Ozawa Informals and the Fire Lizards were under contract with the Capellan Confederation to support a Liao-backed military junta on the Aurigan Coalition world of Sacromonte. The Aurigan Coalition's Rampart Company, supported by the Antian Lanciarii, Sablehart Irregulars and Barrameda's Blackguards, would strike the positions held by Ozawa's Informals and the Fire Lizards, catching the Informals in a pincer maneuver. Though fighting bravely, both Liao mercenary units were driven from the field by sheer weight of numbers.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Antian Lanciarii
Captain Flavius Valens 3026[1]

Other Unit Officers[edit]

Composition History[edit]


  • Antian Lanciarii (Green/Reliable)[1]
  • One of he unit's lances is known as the Gilded Fist, a lance of four BLR-1G BattleMasters, painted gold and in prime repair.[4]


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