Antioch Bell

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Antioch Bell
Affiliation Federated Commonwealth
Black Thorns
Profession MechWarrior
Siblings Two Sisters[1]

Antioch Bell is known for being a member of the Black Thorns mercenary unit. [2]

Early History[edit]

Antioch Bell served in the Twenty Sixth Lyran Guards of the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth for seven years.[1]He was dismissed out of the unit for knowing about a crime and doing nothing about it. [3] He then joined with his former company mates, under an ex-officer, Hauptmann Salander Morgain, and traveled to Borghese in hopes of forming a mercenary unit. [4]


In 3055 on Borghese, he met Jeremiah Rose, commander of the Black Thorns, after they had become the garrison force on the planet, and Rose was needing a scout, Salander sent Bell to help. [1]After the Preservationists, a pro-clan faction [5], caused incidents were there problems on Borghese. Salander and his men, including Bell were sent to hunt down the Black Thorns and eventually caught up to them and a battle ensued.[6] Bell saved Rose's life when he turned on Morgain and killed him with a shot to the cockpit of Morgain's Marauder II.[7]. Bell then detailed Morgain's plans with the Preservationists and invitations to Clan Jade Falcon forces.[8] Bell was then invited to join the Black Thorns.[9]

Member of The Black Thorns[edit]

Bell and the Black Thorns then fought against Clan Jade Falcon Forces, [10] and these forces have since been identified as the Ninth Talon. [11] After the Black Thorns completed their contract on Borghese, they took employment with the Draconis Combine, they were sent to Wolcott as a garrison unit.[12] Bell became assigned to the command lance, as Rose's bodyguard. [13] Bell was on the mission to Courchevel and survived the fighting there against Clan Nova Cat.[14]


Antioch Bell fought in a Banshee 5S on Borghese and Courchevel. [15][16]


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