Anton Karlevski

Anton Karlevski
Anton Karlevski
Also known as"The Rock"[1][2]
AffiliationFree Worlds League[1]

Anton Karlevski was a Sergeant in the Rolling Thunder Company of the 1st Regulan Hussars.[1][2]


Karlevski was born on the Principality of Regulus world of Wallis.[2] A "classic" NCO in the Free Worlds League Military for two decades, he viewed officers with scorn and sought to teach his junior enlisted how to survive their officers' bungled commands. As a member of the Rolling Thunder's Attack Lance he is hoping to retire soon.[1]

In the closing years of the Third Succession War he saw action on Tiber[3], Hong Qiao[4], and Calloway VI[5] in 3025 and Cavanaugh II[6] in 3027


Karlevski piloted a WVR-6M Wolverine.[1][2]


It's not who you know, but what you know about who you know that counts.[2]
I think "The Rock" decided to make me his personal project on this tour. I'm either going to make Sergeant one day, or be dead sometime next week.[1]



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