Anton Rand

Anton Rand
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Rank Colonel
Profession MechWarrior

Anton Rand was the commander of one of Wolf's Dragoons regiment.


In the aftermath of "Elson's Challenge" among the Dragoons, Anton Rand, a young hot-headed officer, emerged as Beta Regiment's new commander, quickly instilling new vitality into the rebuilding Betas.[1]

In one of their first assignments after the reorganization, Beta teamed with Delta Regiment on the Federated Commonwealth-Clan Jade Falcon border, supporting the relocation of Trellshire Heavy Industries.[2] In general, however, Beta Regiment spent four years rebuilding, building itself up to full strength in terms of quantity and quality. When the Word of Blake, who had seized control of Terra in 3058, began expanding their influence into the Chaos March to former independent worlds and forming their own Protectorate, Commander Jaime Wolf responded by forming the Allied Mercenary Command to counter their influence. The Dragoons were joined by such illustrious mercenary commands as the Northwind Highlanders and the Dismal Disinherited in this new organization, advocating for worlds struggling to remain free of Blakist occupation. Beta Regiment became the Dragoons' trouble-shooter unit through the Chaos March, seeing action on several worlds.[3][4] Around mid-3067, Beta Regiment encountered the Blakists’ 1st Division (True Devotion IV-Beta) on Epsilon Eridani, and the two elite commands began engaging each other in a back-and-forth struggle for the planet.[5] As of 1 September, 3067, Beta Regiment was reportedly still based on Epsilon Eridani, with 20 percent of their equipment composed of Clan technology. The unit was considered 100 percent upgraded with OmniMech comprising 10 percent of their 'Mechs contingent. With the Dragoons expanded organizational structure along with Beta's conventional and aerospace assets, Beta was considered at 140 percent of regimental strength. As they were officially acting on behalf of the Allied Mercenary Command to curtail Word of Blake activities, they were considered uncontracted at the time,[6] although another report claims that their operations on Epsilon Eridani were serving "Capellan interests".[7] Unfortunately, their lack of permanently attached aerospace assets soon led the campaign to turn decisively against Beta Regiment. During an orbital drop, Beta's DropShips took heavy damage before they even reached the surface, with two ships full of troops lost. The Long Riders, Beta's armored battalion, held the line but suffered the loss of almost their entire heavy tracked contingent. Facing 30 percent casualties and lacking sufficient support in the air or on the ground, Colonel Rand ordered a retreat.[8][9] During those combats, he was downed as captured by WoB forces, but he has rescued by his troops after they were able to interdict WoB messages and locate him.[10]

Returning to Outreach, General Maeve Wolf's review of Rand's actions found that he had exercised good judgment, and that the defeat on Epsilon Eridani had been due to an outdated tactical doctrine.

First Harlech[edit]

In the aftermath of the First Harlech battle, the Dragoons and their allies attempted to recover as much as they could under the circumstances, with Brian Cameron assuming overall command of Outreach in Jaime Wolf's absence. Colonel Rand of Beta Regiment had survived the fighting, and was now desperately attempting to get Beta Regiment back up to full strength, absorbing survivors from Epsilon Regiment and the Home Guard.

Along the Dismal Disinherited Second Regiment soon arrived, aiding in the cleanup effort on behalf of the AMC, these three commands would spearhead an AMC retaliatory strike against the Word of Blake. Gamma Regiment had been recalled from its post on Tukayyid, and would take up the defense of Outreach alongside the Wolf Spiders and the few remaining elements of the Home Guard and other Dragoon support units.[11][12][13][14][15][16]


He died along his unit during the attack to Mars.[11][17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24]


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