Anton Shadd

Anton Shadd
Died 3rd January 3028
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Rank Lieutenant
Profession Infantry

Anton Shadd (born ???? – died 3028) was an officer with Wolf's Dragoons and member of the Seventh Kommando.[1]


When Wolf's Dragoons found themselves suddenly fighting an intense and taxing shadow war against their own employer for the second time, Jaime Wolf enacted a contingency plan that had been developed after the experience with Anton Marik. In a suicide mission, a small group of dedicated Dragoon soldiers and technicians fought their way into a HPG compound in Cerant, An Ting, on the night of January 3, 3028, and sent a coded message to the scattered Dragoon forces, ordering them to withdraw and regroup on the ice planet Misery.[2]

Four 7-man squads from the An Ting Civilian Guidance Corps, and eventually an elite Kurita Civilian "Volunteer" Squad and a Vulcan 'Mech, attempted to retake the HPG building without inflicting too much damage.[3]


Shadd would be remembered by the Dragoons by choosing his name to be one of the Honornames.[1]


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