Anton Vitios

Anton Vitios
Affiliation House Vitios
Profession Count

Count Anton Vitios was a loyal vassal of Duke Michael Hasek-Davion. He was of small stature,[1] and had brown eyes.[2]

Having lost his family (wife and children) in ca. 3016[3] to a Capellan Confederation attack on Verlo that was preceded by insurgents poisoning the garrison forces, Anton Vitios was strongly prejudiced against anything and anyone from the Capellan Confederation.[4]

It was Count Vitios who arrested Justin Xiang Allard for treason on 10 January 3027 following his fight and injury on Kittery, and he subsequently served as the prosecutor on the trial that ended with Xiang-Allard's exile on 30 January.[5]

In August 3028 he traveled with Duke Michael Hasek-Davion to Terra for the Davion/Steiner wedding. Vitios was not invited to the wedding ceremony proper, but Duke Hasek-Davion brought him along as part of his entourage; he would stay with the household staff. Duke Hasek-Davion trusted him enough to inform him of his treacherous dealings with House Liao and his plan to play Maximilian Liao and Hanse Davion off against each other.[6]

Following Duke Michael Hasek-Davion's execution by House Liao, Count Vitios contacted his son and heir Morgan Hasek-Davion and assured him of his support. Morgan Hasek-Davion, however, made it clear to him that if Vitios was eager to spill his blood on the altar of separatism, he would find that it would be Morgan's hand to wield the knife.[7]


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