Anywhere Militia

Anywhere Tamar March Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation Tamar March Militia
Formed unknown

The Anywhere Militia was one of the defending forces of Anywhere.[1]


Clan Invasion[edit]

In March 3050 Anywhere was a target during the first wave of Operation REVIVAL, the Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere. The planetary defenders included the AFFC Second New Ivaarsen Chasseurs and the Anywhere Militia. Clan Jade Falcon invaded Anywhere with the Eighth Falcon Regulars of Vau Galaxy leading the assault. The battle for control of the planet was fought across three locations: Pickrock Hill, Brigham Rollo, and Santina Trespass. The Eighth Falcons’ speed in their attacks on the Chasseurs caused the AFFC combined-arms force to make several costly mistakes which led to the RCT losing 60% of their forces and the Federated Commonwealth losing control of the planet to the Falcons.[2] Though nothing specific is said on the destiny of the unit, it can be assumed that they died defining their planet, some of them maybe escaping with the 2nd New Ivaarsen Chasseurs.[citation needed]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Anywhere Tamar March Militia



Composition History[edit]






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