Apollo Military Academy

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Apollo Military Academy
Academy Information
Location Apollo
Founding Year Age of War or earlier
Course Information

The Apollo Military Academy was the most respected military academy within the Rim Worlds Republic during the Star League era.[1]


The Rim Worlds Republic was the most populous of the various Periphery states during the Star League era, with many of the core Republic worlds having been colonized prior to the Age of War. The Republic developed an ample number of centers of higher learning, both academic and military, many of which were large and prestigious. The most respected of all the military academies was the Apollo Military Academy (AMA), located on the Republic's capital world.[1]

Already well-established by the end of the Age of War, the AMA was damaged but not destroyed during the Reunification War. This damage failed to keep the AMA out of action, and by the height of the Star League in 2765 the AMA was consistently producing graduate classes of MechWarriors whose leadership skills and knowledge were only surpassed by graduates of the Sandhurst Royal Military College and the War College of Mars. In addition to surpassing the training offered by the vast majority of military academies located in the Inner Sphere, the AMA was also enrolling as many applicants each year as many of the finest academies to be found within any of the Great Houses.[1]

In 2765 the Commandant of the AMA was General Jasmine Amaris, aunt of First Consul Stefan Amaris and one of Stefan's military advisors. General Amaris maintained strict entry requirements and notably harsher conditions for graduation; these strict and harsh conditions were common to military academies across the Republic, but in the case of the AMA they directly contributed to the quality of the graduates.[1]


Military courses offered by the AMA were known to include a comprehensive BattleMech program.[1]


The Apollo Military Academy was presumably destroyed or disbanded during the invasion of the Rim Worlds Republic during the Amaris Civil War, the Lyran Commonwealth-Rim Worlds Republic War or the Succession Wars.


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