Apollo Militia

Apollo Tamar March Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation Tamar March Militia
Formed unknown

The Apollo Militia was one of the defending forces of Apollo.[1]


Clan Invasion[edit]

During the Clan Invasion of Inner Sphere, Apollo was targeted by Clan Jade Falcon with keen interest during the Second Wave. This was due to its former status as the capital of the old Rim Worlds Republic, and thus its conquest would mark the beginning of rebuilding the Star League to the Falcons. The invasion began in May of 3050, when the Turkina Keshik arrived with Gamma Galaxy in escort. The planet was defended by the Second Regiment of the Grave Walkers and the Apollo Militia.[2]

Initial landings on the planet were hampered by the bad weather of the monsoon season. The Grave Walkers and Militia Troops put up a heavy resistance to the Falcon's invasion, but ultimately had to fall back to the planet's ancient fortifications. Built by Stefan Amaris himself, they were modeled after the Star League's Castle Brian fortresses. Several Stars of Elemental Battle Armor managed to overrun one of the forts by using ancient plans found in their Star League-era files of Apollo to discover secret entrances. However the second fort could not be overcome the same way and the Second Grave Walkers' resistance to the Falcon's efforts was incredibly frustrating. In response, Khans Timur Malthus and Elias Crichell ordered the 305th Assault Cluster to re-configure their OmniMechs to fire Arrow IV Homing Missiles into the remaining fortification. Using the homing-rounds had the added benefit of keeping the Falcon's bombardment from destroying villages that were next to the Walker's position. The bombardment finally opened up a number of spots in the fort's defenses to allow Falcon 'Mechs and Elementals entry. Shortly after the Grave Walkers surrendered, ending the battle for Apollo.[2] The militia unit was destroyed.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Apollo Tamar March Militia



Composition History[edit]






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