Died3079 (presumed)[1][2]
AffiliationWord of Blake
Manei Domini

Precentor Apollyon was a mysterious "Ascended" cybernetic warrior of the Word of Blake's elite Manei Domini and commanded all the Manei Domini Shadow Divisions in name of the Master. As Precentor of the Manei Domini he was considered the single controlling authority allowed to introduce Ascendants into becoming named Manei Domini warriors of high ranks. He had been given the informal title of the Prince of Scars.


Fanatical to both the cause of the Master and the Word of Blake, he considered himself far above frail unaugmented humans. Despite this, he was determined to protect them by any means, not unlike a samurai or knight.[3] He saw himself as the guiding father of the Manei Domini. Many believe that due to his lack of greed and ambition he could be called insane.

Apollyon was a master of intimidation as well as an expert in conducting interrogations and brainwashing. Among his victims were Fritz Donner and Michael Cirion, both of whom had commanded the Black Warriors.

Apollyon had a strong distrust, even hatred, of Cameron St. Jamais: Apollyon thought of St. Jamais as an "arrogant whelp" who was worse than the "Pretender" Thomas Marik and even Jaime Wolf.[4]


Apollyon typically wore a hooded red acolyte's robe with gold trim. Both his legs, one of his arms, and the right side of his face were replaced with cybernetic implants. What remained of his skin was described as cocoa-like in color.


Much of Apollyon's past is a mystery to the general public, however intelligence agencies believe that he was a former native of the lost world of Jardine, one of the Word of Blake's five hidden worlds, and the leader of that planet too.[5]

During the beginning throes of the Jihad, he led the hunt for Doctor Brooklyn Stevens, who had discovered the location of Jardine.

After the Ghosts of the Black Watch rescued Hohiro Kurita from Dieron, Apollyon ordered the Opacus Venatori to destroy the unit and kill Colonel Loren Jaffray.[6]

On 9 August 3071, Free Worlds League government gave control over Gibson to Apollyon.[7] After taking control of the planet he created a massive command and control complex that became the headquarters for his Shadow Divisions.

In February 3074, Apollyon led the 52nd Division to Bolan where he directed his people to destroy the capital of the planet. The fighting against the Brion's Legion prevented him from killing the planetary leader, Duke Umayr. After sacking the capital city he ordered the execution of the planetary nobility.[8]

In 3075, Precentor Cameron St. Jamais had sent a series of transmissions to Apollyon, demanding to know why the Shadow Divisions were attacking his worlds. Apollyon simply replied that only the worthy would be allowed to survive and that the Master trusted him, Jamais, to hold Terra against their enemies.[9]

In early 3076, Apollyon asked for a meeting with the "Captain-General" of the Principality of Regulus, calling for a ceasefire between the two. In April, Apollyon arrived with a task force drawn from the 50th Shadow Division[10][11] for meeting with the Prince of Regulus. He found that Prince Kirc Cameron-Jones had been replaced by his son, Titus Cameron-Jones. In the meeting at Regulus' capital city spaceport, he delivered an ultimatum to the new Prince, stating that the crimes of his father, especially his attack against Gibson, would no longer be tolerated, proclaiming that all of Regulus would pay the price should they conduct any actions outside their borders, be it by proxy or by themselves. They would get to know the full fury of the Master. As he awaited the answer to his ultimatum, the Prince's wife had snipers try to shoot him. However, Apollyon's escort troopers took a number of shots for him. Regulan commandos then emerged from DropShips and attempted to assassinate Apollyon, however almost immediately after the shooting started, he ordered his Level II of invisible mimetic Battle Armor bodyguards to reveal themselves, forming a ring around him. The commandos were quickly killed by the Level II of guards. Apollyon then approached the Prince and Princess, telling Michelle Cameron-Jones he would have been disappointed if she had not tried something. He then addressed the whole Regulan delegation and soldiers using his augmented voice, asking how they could dare trying to attack him. Apollyon continued that he must give a demonstration of what will happen if they do heed his ultimatum. Apollyon ordered one his battle armor clad warriors to grab the Prince's left forearm and holding him aloft for all to see, shattered it. He again asked Prince Titus if he understands he can crush his frail bones as easily as he can crush his frail nation. The Prince, in serious pain, is able to give his response, confirming that he understands.[12]

In 3076, the word of the destruction of the Venturer prototype WarShip reached Apollyon. Once it is clear Regulan forces were involved with its destruction, he orders Naamah to send a personal visceral message to Prince Titus,[13] which turns out to be the murder of his wife Michelle and her unborn child.[14]

On 30 April 3078, Colonel Marcel Webb—commanding officer of the Star Seeds mercenary unit and head of security for the allied coalition—announced in a news broadcast from Kittery that the allied coalition was filing criminal charges on behalf of all the allied nations against a number of Word of Blake senior or high profile figures, including Apollyon. The coalition intended to charge Apollyon with terrorism, murder and genocide.[15]

Apollyon was on Gibson in 3079 when the Principality of Regulus entered orbit in the system and unleashed a bombardment of nuclear weapons. The entire planet was destroyed, and Apollyon was presumed killed.[1][2]


In the field Apollyon piloted a Shootist BattleMech,[16] heavily modified with a weapon loadout that remains something of a mystery. It may have been equipped with an experimental HPG Cannon, a weapon that employed a miniaturized hyperpulse generator to tear a target apart with a single shot.[17]


We are Manei Domini.

We are the Hands of the Master.
We are the Will of the Blessed Blake.
We are the saviors of humanity.

The human race is intrinsically evil. Within each and every one of us may be found salvation and hope, intelligence and grace. But to a much greater degree, each and every one of us harbors greed, selfish pride, lust, and ambition the seeds of our own destruction. History teaches that time and again, the will to do evil is strong enough to overpower the will to perform good.

This will has created mighty empires, moved mountains, and settled the stars…only to bring us to the brink of annihilation time and time again for centuries uncounted.

Evil is in the nature of all mankind. It is integral to the flesh.

It is thus that we willingly sacrifice our very flesh. We trade the evil within us for the purity of technology, the cold, impartial perfection of the machine, yet retain enough to cling to our mission. We divorce ourselves from the senses and sins of the flesh — the petty desires of ego, lust, and vanity — yet we do not lose sight of their affect [sic] on others. We embrace the visions of a brighter future — even if it is one our fellow man must be dragged toward, kicking and screaming.

We become more than merely human, and far more than mere machines. We become tools of the Master, born in his image, awakened to his purpose, a purpose of pure, enlightened truth. As the hands are the first tools of men, we become tools of the Master's vision. We become the Master's Hands.

Some might call us monsters, in the same fashion as all weapons of war are seen as monstrous. But what we do is for the betterment of all. We accept this responsibility willingly, exchanging our very lives to the Master and his vision for a greater glory all might one day share.

That is what it means to be Manei Domini. That is our legacy for the future.

Sursum corda. [Lift up your hearts.]
Dignum et justum est. [It is good and right.]
Gratias agamus Domino Blake nostro. [Let us give thanks to Blake our lord.]

—Personal record of Apollyon, Precentor Manei Domini (circa 3069)[18]

Apollyon: "I assure you, Colonel, were conversion or torture our only goal, you would most certainly be a broken man by now."
Fritz Donner: "Broken? Or turned into one of you freaks?"
Apollyon: "Do you really think you could stop us from doing that even now? All we would need is a surgical table and a lot of sharp objects."
Apollyon: "No, Colonel. You remain as you are because we have made you so. We have strengthened your resolve, given you focus, because the Master has willed it so. And now, you are ready for your mission..."

—Apollyon begins brainwashing Colonel Fritz Donner, November 5, 3071[19]


  • Although nominally based on Gibson, it is apparent from many sources that Apollyon traveled extensively during the Jihad. For example, it is indicated that he traveled to Terra to introduce new officers to the Manei Domini, as in the case of Berith.[20]



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