Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Scout


The Aquinus was a Scout-class JumpShip captained by one Captain Olson and associated with Jake Kalmar's band of Oberon Confederation pirates as of 3037. By this time, the vessel was already nearly three centuries old.[1]

Reportedly, Kalmar's band had carried out raids up to some 200 lightyears from their base on Sigurd, with the implication that the Aquinus had always carried their DropShip.

The pirate band was tracked to Sigurd and destroyed in combat by Chloe's Cavaliers in late 3037. The fate of the Aquinus was not mentioned.


MechWarrior Online fiction pieces pertaining to Hero 'Mechs were declared fully canonical by Catalyst Game Labs' then-Line Developer Randall N. Bills, regardless of the canonicity status of the game otherwise.

The "Corsair Lore" fiction that introduced the Aquinus was written by and is credited to Randall Bills of Catalyst Game Labs.


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