Arabella Rowe

Arabella Rowe
Character Profile
Died 2376[1]
Affiliation House Rowe
Title(s) First Consul
Profession Noble
Parents Maxwell Rowe (father)
Children Michael Durant[2]
Heather Durant

Arabella Rowe was the third ruler of the Rim Worlds Republic in the twenty-fourth century.


While First Consul Maxwell Rowe was meeting with Kevin Tamar to secure a position of mutual neutrality between the Rim Worlds Republic and the Tamar Pact in March 2339, his daughter Arabella proclaimed herself the new First Consul and engineered a social revolution by enfranchising the helot labor class—the descendants of the original slave caste.[2] Warned of these developments while en route back home, Maxwell and his supporters fled the Republic.[1]

In the following three decades, Arabella transformed the Rim Worlds into a thriving, practical working state of proud citizens. The subsequent education of thousands of Helots provided a pool of technicians, scientists, and warriors devoted to the cause of Republican independence. No longer was the Republic seen as a violent, backward boondock.[1]

Arabella Rowe committed her people's technology to establish a well-trained army, refusing to create a spacefaring navy so as not to provoke undue concern from the Lyran Commonwealth. First Consol Rowe acquired the star systems of Barcelona, Black Earth, Beta, and Malibu between 2347 and 2366, converting them into gigantic fortified firebases which would slow and punish the advance of any aggressor.[1]

Rowe passed away in 2376 and left rule of the Republic in the hands of her son Michael Durant.[1]


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