Arano Restoration

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Arano Restoration Logo
Arano Restoration
Unit Profile (as of 3025)
Nickname Arano Restoration
Parent Formation Aurigan Coalition
Formed 3025

The Arano Restoration was a faction of the Aurigan Coalition led by Kamea Arano after an assassination attempt on her life. The Restoration's goal was to free planets under the brutal control of the Aurigan Directorate. With the help of mercenary forces and liberated House units of the Aurigan Coalition, their influence would spread throughout the reach. The Restoration emerged victorious after their final battle on Coromodir, ending with the defeat of the Aurigan Directorate and Kamea taking her rightful place on the throne.[1]


In 3022 Lady Arano Kamea survived a coup which deposed her family from power; hiding for three years to avoid detection, she built support in the Magistrate of Canopus for her return. In the first openly waged battle Lady Arano heard about Raju's brutal death, and she vowed to work together with House Lords and common citizens alike to overthrow the tyrannical Aurigan Directorate. During this time she would go to various planets to help them break the hold of the Directorate. Lady Kamea (with the help of the mercenary forces) recovered the Argo and used it as a way to help bolster the defense of the Restoration. The Restoration, with the assistance of the mercenary forces, helped Lady Kamea with liberating planets, one by one, until the battle reached Coromodir, ending in the defeat of the Directorate.[2]


Kamea Arano - Founded the Arano Restoration to fight against the Directorate. Piloted the Kintaro and Atlas II BattleMechs.

Alexander Madeira - Liaison to the Mercenary Commander and adviser to Lady Arano.

Raju Montgomery - Though not a part of the Restoration, he did take part in training Kamea and served as a motivator for the Restoration. Piloted the Centurion BattleMech.

Simon Karosas - Though weary of the Restoration, he pledged his support in exchange for her mercenaries.

Farah Murad - Engineer responsible for restoring the Argo.

Sumire Meyer - Navigation Officer and DropShip Pilot hired by Lady Arano.

Darius Oliveira - XO of the Mercenary Command hired by Lady Arano.

Yang Virtanen - Chief Technician of the hired Mercenary Command.

Charybois - Restoration Mechwarrior, pilots the Highlander BattleMech.

Kanaloa - Restoration Mechwarrior, pilots the Black Knight BattleMech.

Raynard - Restoration Mechwarrior, pilots the Griffin BattleMech.

Composition History[edit]


Arano Restoration

  • CO: Kamea Arano


Arano Restoration

Markham's Marauders
2nd Decimis Fusiliers

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