Arboris Sarna March Militia

Arboris Sarna March Militia
Affiliation Federated Commonwealth
Parent Command Sarna March Militia

The Arboris Sarna March Militia the AFFS's unit assigned to defend Arboris.[1]


During Operation GUERRERO, two battalions Ishara's Grenadiers landed on Arboris in an attempt to recapture the world for the Capellan Confederation, the defending Arboris Sarna March Militia was understrength and was soon on the back foot, pushed hard by the Grenadiers. The Arboris SMM was unable to hold a defensive position for any length of time, and were eventually forced to retreat into the Hardina Mountains. Satisfied that they were in control of the planet, the Grenadiers then turned to harassing the civilian population, attempting to chase out Davion sympathizers to use as propaganda tools.[1]

The Grenadiers successfully antagonized the local population with their harsh treatment, resulting in a local agricultural organization gathering together, seizing weapons and supplies from caches hidden by the Arboris SMM earlier, and launching attacks on the Grenadiers. This makeshift organization, the Farmers Freedom Army, initially took heavy losses until they learned to use stealthier methods to strike at the Grenadiers.[1]

Even as the FFA was attacking and harassing the Grenadiers the Arboris SMM was frantically rebuilding and repairing equipment and reorganizing itself. The SMM was relocating itself via a forced march when it came to the town of Bantor, arriving just in time to see the Grenadiers First Battalion and the FFA engaged in combat. The SMM, viewing the civilians as people they had sworn to protect, quickly joined the fray on the side of the FFA, helping rout the Grenadiers and forcing them to retreat back to the city of Kansas Plain. However, before Leftenant General Milton Mumvalda could congratulate the FFA on their success, the FFA attacked the SMM. The Militia rapidly learned that the FFA intended to resist all invaders, and considered the SMM to be another invading force, just like the Grenadiers. General Mumvalda ordered a retreat rather than attack the FFA, and Arboris lapsed into a three-way stalemate.[1]

By late 3058, the three factions remained locked in conflict; the Arboris SMM continued to receive a trickle of help from the beleaguered Federated Commonwealth and continually launched harassing attacks on the Grenadiers while trying to reach a truce with the FFA. The Grenadiers had launched a number of attacks targeting the civilian population by destroying random targets, hoping to cow the defiant Arboreans into accepting Capellan rule. This remains a difficult prospect, given that the citizens of Arboris have a history of fierce independence going back centuries. This same self-sufficiency has made the ongoing efforts by both the Grenadiers and the SMM to block shipments of warlike stores on or off Arboris - an attempt to restrict the flow of arms to the FFA - largely moot, as the traditional self-sufficient status of the local population remains firmly in place.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Arboris Sarna March Militia
Leftenant General Milton Mumvalda 3057[1]



Composition History[edit]


Arboris Sarna March Militia (1 mixed regiment/Green/Questionable)[1]

- The Arboris SMM was loyal to the Federated Commonwealth at this point in time.


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