Arc-Royal Liberty Coalition

Arc-Royal Liberty Coalition
State Profile
Founding Year October 3151
Capital world: Arc-Royal[1]
Controlled system(s): 5 (in May 3152)[1]
Head of State Grand Duchess[2]
Army Kell Hounds

The Arc-Royal Liberty Coalition was a proto-state created by Arc-Royal Grand Duchess Callandre Kell and her Mercenary group, the Kell Hounds, inspired by the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon.


After the fall of Arc-Royal at the hands Clan Jade Falcon in 3146, the Kell Hounds were reduced to a single understrength battalion. They began a guerrilla war in the Falcon occupation zone, led by the last known member of House Kell, Grand Duchess Callandre Kell. Unknown to them, in 3151, Falcon Khan Malvina Hazen had taken almost all her Clan's touman to fight in the Battle of Terra. Callandre, after rebuilding the Hounds' forces, decided to fight their way to free Arc-Royal.[3]

Their first strike was on the planet of Santana; however, their landing was unopposed. The Falcons had deserted the planet, so Callandre decided to strike at Arc-Royal with all her forces after clearing the system of bandits. As the Hounds could not find the Clan Wolf-in-Exile forces, they went to Arc-Royal alone in August of 3151.[3]

After a short space battle, the Hounds began landing their troops. As Arc-Royal still had key industries and training centers, it was considered an important Falcon garrison, though the defending forces consisted mostly of young sibkos, castaways and solahma. Under the leadership of Star Colonel Riss, they were rebuilding their forces.[4]

The Hounds began attacking isolated targets, destroying the Falcons units one after another until October. Then, Riss gathered all their forces around Old Connaught, the planetary capital, and began executing civilians to force the Hounds to flee or surrender. But this only succeeded in enraging them, and on October 2, the furious Hounds attacked with all their might. After crashing a DropShip in the middle of the Falcon line, Callandre killed Riss in a duel and the surviving Falcons ceased fighting, agreeing to leave the planet. Arc-Royal was free again.[5]

On October 12, Callandre, in a meeting with Arc-Royal's authorities, proclaimed the foundation of the Arc-Royal Liberty Coalition.[6]

Initially, the Coalition only had Santana and Arc-Royal as planet members, but it began growing quickly: after informing the Hounds which were far from Arc-Royal of their success, small groups of Hounds launched strikes to liberate the planets of Zanderij, Great X and Sargasso in February of 3152. On the first planet, a group of new Hounds recruits, led by Callandre's ex-husband Keith Langenhaas, assisted the local rebels in easily crushing the last Falcons paramilitaries.[7]

On Sargasso, the Hounds found a ravaged planet, but managed to crush the Falcons' last base. On Great X, a company of the Hounds were saved from the defeat by the arrival of the Black Cats infantry mercenary unit, which joined the ARLC willingly after the planet's liberation.[8]

By June 3152 the ARLC was well established, already composed of five planets and growing stronger every day, having received recognition and embassies from their nearby states.[9]

Diplomatic Relationships[edit]

The Coalition had received offers of alliance both from Vedet Brewer of the Vesper Marches and Sarah Regis from the Tamar Pact, but, to that date, hadn't bothered to even answer them. In fact, Callandre's past history with Brewer, and her loyal service with the Commonwealth made it very doubtful that she would agree to join forces with him against Trillian Steiner.[9] The past history with Kell and the Falcons make them natural enemies of the Clan Jade Falcon Remnants. When an official emissary of Trillian attempted to convince Callandre to rejoin the Commonwealth, the Duchess answer to the veiled threats was a single word: "NUTS!". Callandre never officially broke with the Commonwealth.[10]




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