Thorin Freedom Theater Militia

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Thorin Freedom Theater Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Archer's Avengers
Parent Formation Freedom Theater Militia
Formed 3067


FedCom Civil War[edit]

The Thorin FTM has its roots in the Thorin planetary militia of 3062. In that year they rebelled against the rule of Katherine Steiner-Davion and fought the First Battalion of the 15th Arcturan Guards for control of Thorin. They were disbanded in late 3062, when they reformed themselves as the 1st Thorin Regiment, nicknamed Archer's Avengers.[1]

Post-Civil War Years[edit]

By 3067, the regiment was officially known as the Thorin FTM.[2]

As of 1st August 3067, the Thorin FTM was on Tharkad and at 40% strength.[3]


Archer's Avengers were on Gibbs where the unit was supposed to be demobilized in September 3067. It was recalled to counter the new Jade Falcon incursion.

The Avengers were teamed with the Knights of St. Cameron to strike at the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone world of Baker 3. The Avengers and their allies would encounter the Seventh Talon and 8th Talon Clusters instead of the Garrison cluster in April 3069. The Falcon Clusters flanked both sides of the Avengers' forces in a squeeze play. However, the 8th Talon were struck in the flank themselves by the Knights give the Avengers relief. The Avengers then fell back to their DropShip with half of their numbers gone or missing, including their commanding officer General Archer Christifori.[4] The 7th Talons would be destroyed after the fighting on Baker 3.

The Thorin FTM survivors and the Knights of St. Cameron joined up with the 25th Arcturan Guards on Great X where they helped to bolster Lyran forces fighting the incursion. Delta Galaxy struck with four Clusters of forces and only the First Falcon Strikers survived to withdraw.[5][6]

The remnants of Archer's Avengers chose become mercenaries, joining the Knight of St. Cameron prior to their disappearance in November of 3076. Upon joining Devlin Stone's coalition, the Jade Falcon's confirmed that Archer Christifori was dead.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Thorin Freedom Theater Militia
Leutnant-Colonel Archer Christifori 3061[1]
Commanding Officers of the 1st Thorin Regiment
General Archer Christifori 3067[8]


Because of the limited resources at their disposal the Thorin FTM has utilized hit and run tactics as well as clever strategic maneuvers. Often using decoys or other deceptions to lure their opponents into favorable terrain or ambushes.

Composition History[edit]


Thorin Militia

  • BattleMech Company
  • Armor Company (10 tanks + 2 Aerospace Fighters]
  • Infantry Company


1st Thorin Regiment


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