Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth

Archon Katrina Steiner wearing a traditional uniform.

The Archon is the ruler and leader of the Lyran Commonwealth. House Steiner holds a firm grasp upon the office, which currently resembles a constitutional monarchy. The heir apparent, usually the eldest child or closest relative of the current Archon, is named Archon-Designate.


The position is open to both sexes and the Archon is the commander in chief of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces and head of state holding full authority to make any and all decisions relating to domestic and foreign policy. Most, but not all, Archons-Designate have served in the Lyran military. Most Archons of House Steiner have traditionally been rather liberal rulers, granting the people the right of assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. Indeed, the rare occasions in which these rights have been suspended have led to major internal political crisis.

The Estates General[edit]

A new Archon has to be confirmed by the Estates General, which was originally created in 2376 by Robert Marsden as a means to legitimize his coup d'état. From its humble beginning as a rubberstamp organization, the Estates General has slowly acquired a considerable degree of political influence in determining a new Archon. At least in theory, the powers of the Archon are limited by the Estates General which can de jure depose a ruling Archon and chose a suitable replacement. This was done only once in 3007 when the Estates General successfully passed a no-confidence resolution upon the unpopular and reckless Alessandro Steiner, paving the way for his niece Katrina.[1] Such an act is never taken lightly; it will obviously cause a major constitutional crisis which may even lead to a full-fledged civil war. Realistically, the deciding factor will be the allegiance of the officers of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces whose loyalty will tested to the utmost.

List of Archons of the Lyran Commonwealth[edit]

Name Reign Descent
Archon Basileus of the Lyran Commonwealth 23462395
The Nine Archons 23462375
Robert Marsden 23752395
Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth 23952501
Alistair Marsden 23952408 Brother of Robert
Katherine Steiner-Marsden 24082445 Wife of Alistair
Alistair Marsden-Steiner 24452467 Son of Katherine and Alistair
Michael I 24672472 Son of Alistair Marsden-Steiner
Steven 24722501 Brother of Michael
Acting Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth 25012506
Margaret Olsen-Steiner 25012503 Wife of Steven, never confirmed as Archon
Robert I 25032506 Nephew of Steven
Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth 25062849
Robert I 25062528 Confirmed by the Estates Geenral
Craig 25282555 Son of Robert
Tracial 25552570 Niece of Craig
Viola Steiner-Dinesen 25702596 Daughter of Tracial
Kevin Steiner-Dinesen 25962647 Son of Viola
Sarah Steiner-Dinesen 26472672 Sister of Kevin
William 26722704 Son of Sarah
Jonathan 27042729 Son of William
Michael II 27292760 Brother of Jonathan
Robert II 27602781 Son of Michael II
Jennifer 27812791 Daughter of Michael II[2]
Richard 2791 – 2823 Son of Jennifer[2]
Marcus 28232844 Son of Richard[3]
Melissa Nin-Steiner 2845 Spouse of Marcus
Claudius "the Cruel" 28452849 Son of Jennifer, brother of Marcus
Triumvirate Regency of the Lyran Commonwealth 28492859
Rebecca Morgan Spouse of Claudius "the Cruel" and mother of Elizabeth
Henry DeCalidore Speaker of the Estates General
Ilysa Aten Duchess of Tamar and Skye
Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth 28593055
Elizabeth 28592895 Daughter of Claudius and Rebecca
Eric 28952913 Son of Elisabeth[4]
Tatyana 29142937 Daughter of Eric
Marco 29372952 Son of Tatyana
Giovanni 29522980 Son of Marco
Alessandro 29803007 Son of Giovanni
Katrina 30073039 Niece of Alessandro
Melissa Steiner-Davion 30393055 Daughter of Katrina
Archon-Prince of the Federated Commonwealth 30553057
Victor 30553057 Son of Melissa
Archon-Prince of the Lyran Alliance 30573067
Katherine 3057 – 3067 Sister of Victor
Archon of the Lyran Alliance 30673084
Peter 3067 – 3071 Brother of Katherine Steiner-Davion
Adam 30713072 Cousin of Peter
Peter 30723073[5]
Adam 30733121[5]
Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth 30843141
Andrew 31213127 Son of Adam
Melissa 31273141 Daughter of Andrew
Acting Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth 31413141
Vedet Brewer 3141 – 3143
Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth 3143 – Present
Melissa Steiner 3143
Trillian 3143 – present Cousin of Melissa


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