Arcturan Arms

Arcturan Arms

Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Arcturus
Primary Products Aerospace fighters

Arcturan Arms was a military hardware manufacturer based on Arcturus, the former capital of the Lyran Commonwealth.


During the Age of War, Arcturan Arms produced a number of notable vehicles including the Marsden I MBT in 2396,[1] the Büffel VII in 2407,[2] and the Marsden II MBT in 2463.[3] The company also manufactured the second homegrown Lyran-produced BattleMech, the Crossbow, in 2468.[4] Despite these achievements, the company's fortunes suffered when the Lyran Commonwealth shifted its capital from Arcturus to Tharkad, forcing it to shut down its factory in 2490 after producing only a few hundred Crossbows. MacEnroe Motors bought out the financially troubled company in 2541 and would later discontinue Crossbow production in 2550.[4]

During the Jihad, Arcturan Arms expanded its refit facility to produce RetroTech 'Mechs for the LCAF. Production on these lines had shut down by 3079,[5] but the profit money from those lines was used to launch new Marsden II production facilities on Buena[6] and Halfway.[7] In September 3081 Arcturan Arms told the Interstellar News Network that their refit facilities would be producing considerable numbers of the primitive Archer, Commando, and Dervish 'Mechs for some decades yet; RetroTech 'Mechs seen as being ideal for low-level organizations such as militia forces.[8]


Arcturan Arms has a manufacturing center on the following planets:


The facility on Arcturus suffered no capital and personnel losses, but the operating capacity of the factory was reduced to 40% of their main output in 3079.[9]

Components produced on Arcturus:[10][11][12][13][14][15]
Component Type
Commando[5] Primitive light BattleMech
Dervish[5] Primitive Medium BattleMech
CRS-6B Crossbow[10] Heavy BattleMech (Discontinued 2550)
CRS-6C Crossbow[10] Heavy BattleMech (Discontinued 2550)
CRS-9A Crossbow[10] Heavy BattleMech (As of 3071)
Archer[5] Primitive Heavy BattleMech
Büffel VII[11] Support Vehicles
Büffel VIII[11] Support Vehicles
Kelswa Assault Tank[12] Tracked Vehicles
Marsden I MBT[13] Tracked Vehicles
Marsden II MBT[14] Tracked Vehicles
Vedette V7[15] Tracked Vehicles
Arcturus Engines CM Elite Marsden I[13]
OmniDiesel 180 Marsden II[14]
Arc Walker 6X-B Crossbow[10]
Fuel cell
Arcturan Electric 250 Vedette V7[15]
Fusion Engine
AA Eterna 300 Crossbow[10]
Pitban 285 Kelswa[12]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
AA Battleplate Marsden I[13]
AA-50 Diamondplate Marsden II[14]
Diamond Skin Beta Series Crossbow[10]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
ArcShield Heavy Ferro-fibrous w/CASE Kelswa[12]
Durallex Special Heavy Ferro-fibrous w/CASE Vedette V7[15]
Communications System
Arc-Signal A75 Kelswa[12]
Arc Signal 100 Marsden I[13]
Arc Signal 750 Marsden II[14]
Arc Signal 1100 Crossbow[10]
TharHes Muse 54-58K Vedette V7[15]
Targeting-Tracking System
Angst Clear View 2A Kelswa[12]
Arc Walker Prime Crossbow[10]
Land Shark Scanner 15 Marsden II[14]
Scorpion Series AFC System Marsden I[13]
TharHes Mars-1 Vedette V7[15]
Medium Laser
Rassal Blue-Beam Crossbow[10]
ER Medium Laser
Defiance Model XII Kelswa[12]
Bombast Laser
Maxell Maximum Vedette V7[15]
A-4 "Lightning" Series Crossbow
Gauss rifle
Grizzard Model 200 Kelswa[12]
Magshot Gauss rifle
Poland Main Model C Vedette V7[15]
Arcturan Arms Longarm Series Marsden I[13] & Marsden II[14]
CDC Double-Five Crossbow[10]
Alpha Wave Marsden I[13] & Marsden II[14]
Machine Gun
General A 70 Model Marsden I[13] & Marsden II[14]


Components produced on Buena:[12][6]
Component Type
Kelswa Assault Tank[12] Tracked Vehicles
Marsden II MBT[6] Tracked Vehicles
Manteuffel OmniVehicle[16] Tracked Vehicles
Fensalir[16] WiGE


Components produced on Halfway:[7]
Component Type
Marsden II MBT[7] Tracked Vehicles
Büffel VIII[11] Support Vehicles


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