Ares (BattleMech)

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Ares (BattleMech)
Production information
Manufacturer Rhodes Foundry[1]
Production Year 3136[2]
Model ARS-V1[1]
Class Superheavy
Technical specifications
'Mech type Mixed-tech OmniMech
Mass 135 tons
Chassis Rhodes-M Endo-Composite[1]
Armor Maximillian 320 w/ CASE II[1]
Engine PlasmaStar 270[1]
Communications System Titan's Shout Mk. IVA
Targeting Tracking System Titan's Vantage Mk. II
Heat Sinks 10 Double Heat Sinks
Speed 32[1] km/h

Fixed (All Configurations):

BV (2.0) 3,653[3][4]


The Ares is a Superheavy Class Tripod OmniMech, which was first produced by the Republic of the Sphere. Produced in secret as part of the Republic's Rhodes Project, the Ares was based on development of the Poseidon Superheavy Tripod. The 'Mech was conceived as an OmniMech, to allow it to be easier for its maintenance crew to service it and allow it to transport battle armor support elements.

It must be pointed than the Ares was so huge than it had a crew of three: a Mechwarrior as pilot, a gunner and even a technician to repair it and keep it operative.

Operational History[edit]

The 'Mech's development began as Poseidon prototypes finished their trial runs in 3135.[5] The Ares' appearance is due, in part, to its development cycle, which took place at nearly the same time as that of the Poseidon.

The Ares' origins were virtually unknown during its initial deployment with the Republic's Stone's Brigades and units stationed at its factory world on Devil's Rock. During the 3140s, the Ares had been deployed to various worlds neighboring the Republic's in covert raids and recon missions as part of the nation's efforts to keep potential invaders off guard. Production of the 'Mech and its sister design, the Poseidon, continued on Devil's Rock at Rhodes Foundry. By 3145, the location of the factory had become a frontline world in danger of falling to a potential Clan Wolf invasion. Additional production was planned for Mars, with the facilities on Devil's Rock set to be razed should invasion forces arrive on world.[6]

A single Ares of uncertain configuration saw deployment in 3146 as part of Julian Davion's Dawn Guards. Upon gifting Julian the 'Mech, Devlin Stone warned him that keeping the machine in fighting trim was "a nightmare."[7] Several Ares 'Mechs were deployed to Callison in 3149.[8]

The Republic made extensive use of the Ares during the Battle of Terra, especially in Operation Four Horsemen, against Clan Wolf. They proved to be a serious threat, stopping and even managing to make the Clanners retreat, but after the Wolves adjusted their tactics to them, all fell, one after another.[9]

During Terra's conquest, the Wolves salvaged an unknown number of Areses, managing to rebuild and repair some, using them in their IlClan Trial against Clan Jade Falcon; most of them, ironically, were crewed by former bondsmen of the RAF.[10] After the Trial, Wolf's Dragoons salvaged a number of Areses from the battlefield, disassembling some to study and replicate them. The new Dragoons leader, Colonel Henry Kincaid, gave six functional units, along with intel about them, to the Free Worlds League Captain-General Nikol Halas-Hughes Marik, though they still retained some for themselves.[11]

That same year, the League's First Free Worlds Guards fielded a full company of Areses when deployed on Marik, twice as many as the Dragoons gave Nikol. Some were newly manufactured, which made the League the first Inner Sphere state to build them since the fall of the Republic.[12]

On the opposite side of the Inner Sphere, Julian Davion also fielded at least a full lance of Ares, gifted by Stone, and used them with great success during Operation DAWN. The Dawn Guards which fielded them, even created their own hard-hitting configuration: the Apollo.[13]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Designed as a Tripod, the 'Mech's unique method of movement gives the Ares the ability to handle turns without having to slow its pace. This is a benefit to the design due to its slow speed. Its lower rated engine and Endo-Composite construction allows the 'Mech to carry 41 tons of OmniPod encased weapons and equipment. The 'Mech is protected by 28.5 tons of Maximillian 320 standard armor, giving it hefty protection against enemy fire. Like all Superheavy Tripods, the Ares has a 3-man cockpit, which allows the 'Mech to perform better in combat than a normal single MechWarrior. This allows it to be able to target multiple enemies without penalty, a pilot focused on navigating the machine, and gaining a tactical advantage to allow it to serve as a command vehicle in battle.

Each Ares carries a fixed array of weapons: on each leg a pair of Anti-Personnel Pods. On the 'Mech's torso each version of the Ares has a pair of Clan ER Medium Lasers, three Clan ER Small Lasers, three SRM 2 launchers, and a pair of LRM 5 launchers, giving the Ares series of 'Mechs a well-rounded base platform to start with.[1][14]

Each of the versions of the Ares carries a named weapons load for each Omni Configuration. Republican pilots of the Ares had undertaken the practice of naming the Ares' configuration, which helped confuse enemies encountering them.

Its Primary Configuration, named "Zeus," is a generalist combatant. Along with its fixed-weapon systems, the "Zeus" has a pair of Clan tech ER PPCs in the left arm, while 3 additional Clan Streak SRM-6 are fitted to the right. The 4 tons of missiles are protected by the addition of CASE II. With the addition of 11 Double Heat Sinks, a Targeting Computer is added precision to both OmniPod and fixed energy weapons found through the 'Mech.

Alternate Configurations[edit]

  • ARS-V1A 
    A configuration, codenamed Hera, is noted for its right arm mounted Improved Heavy Gauss Rifle with 6 tons of ammunition in the neighboring side-torso. Three additional Clan ER Medium Lasers are mounted in the left arm. The right arm is fitted with a CASE II to prevent a weapon explosion from taking out the entire machine. Seven additional Double Heat Sinks are fitted as well. BV (2.0)= 3,320[15]
  • ARS-V1B 
    B configuration is named Hades, and is a heavy missile configuration. Designed to engage in intermediate combat ranges, the Hades has a pair of Apollo FCS guided 20-tubed Medium Range Missile Launchers, one in each arm. In addition to its missiles, the Hades also has a Clan grade Ultra Class 10 Autocannon in left arm and a TSEMP in the right. Its ammunition is stored in the arms where their parent weapons are located, each having CASE II for additional protection. Two additional Double Heat Sinks are present to help cope with weapons heat. BV (2.0)= 3,204[16]
  • ARS-V1C 
    The C configuration is known as Aphrodite. It is configured to serve as a command unit for a C3 Network. Its most noted feature is its two C3 master computers and its Angel ECM. Its weaponry includes 3 Clan 5-tubed Streak LRM Launchers and a Clan Class 5 Rotary Autocannon. The 2 tons of LRM and 2 tons of Autocannon ammunition with its parent weapons and they are protected by CASE II. Five additional Double Heat Sinks are fitted to this configuration. BV (2.0)= 3,276[17]
  • ARS-V1D 
    The D or Hephaestus configuration is a generalist which can act as part of a C3 network. With its C3 Slave unit, the Hephaestus can bring its laser-based arsenal to bear on an opponent with the aid of a network mate. The Hephaestus has a pair of Clan ER Large Lasers in the left arm, while the right has a pair of Clan Large Pulse Lasers and single Light PPC. With its high burden, the Hephaestus is given additional of 13 Double Heat Sinks and an advanced Radical Heat Sink System. BV (2.0)= 3,337[18]
  • Cronus
    This was a failed prototype configuration, which was plagued with all manner of problems, from software to mechanical issues. The configuration was so burdening on the baseline chassis that it would require complete overhaul (essentially a total rebuild) after each use. The Republic decision makers soon deemed it too expensive of a weapons layout to utilize and development was abandoned.[19]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Ares has the following Design Quirks:

Notable Pilots[edit]


  • The Ares was originally conceived by WizKids' MechWarrior Dark Age Collectable Miniatures game as a part of its BattleForce expansion set. At the time, it was not clear if the Ares was in fact an OmniMech. So each variant which appeared was known as the Ares '<variant name>' when it was introduced to WizKids' game. The figures would be used as a unique BattleMechs in the CGC game. The 'Mech would be later adapted by Catalyst Game Labs and redefined in the tabletop game once the company advanced the franchise's timeline to 3145.
  • The Ares and its variants were originally described on the WizKids website, which is no longer available.



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