Argo (Individual Argo-class DropShip)

This article is about the individual DropShip. For the DropShip class and other uses, see Argo (DropShip class) and Argo (disambiguation).
Argo concept art.png
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Argo

One of only two prototypes ever built of the Argo-class of DropShip, the Argo was built by Boeing Interstellar at their Galax shipyard. (The other was the Myrmidon, which was never completed.)[1]

The Argo was sent on its maiden voyage to the rimward periphery in 2762. Contact was lost, and the Argo was presumed to have been destroyed as part of the New Vandenberg Uprising (2765-2766).[1][2]

The ship would be rediscovered in a partially canibalized condition on the moon Axylus, where the self-appointed pirate queen Grim Sybil was using it as her base of operations.[3] The former Markham's Marauders mercenary unit were hired by Kamea Arano to successfully recover the vessel for Kamea's Arano Restoration, with the mercenaries calling the vessel home for the duration of that campaign.[4]

The ultimate fate of the Argo in the wake of the defeat of the Aurigan Directorate is unknown. As of 3026 Magistracy of Canopus intelligence indicated that the ship had apparently left the Aurigan Reach possibly for good, thought to be engaged in long-range reconnaissance and trade on behalf of the Aurigan Coalition, with MIM agents reporting sightings of the vessel throughout the rimward Periphery.[5]


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