Ariana Calderon

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Ariana Calderon
Character Profile
Died 2527
Affiliation House Calderon
Parents Amalthia Calderon (mother)
Siblings Caterina Calderon
Spouse Kalvin Liao

Ariana Calderon was the daughter of Protector Amalthia Calderon.[1]


She was well liked by the Taurian people, and held the title Lady Ariana.[1] Ariana was married to Kalvin Liao in 2520 for political reasons. Apparently Kalvin did not remember he had, in fact, married and continued to marry other women even after he became Chancellor. In 2527 Kalvin's mental decline accelerated and in a fit of rage ordered the murder of all of his "wives", including Ariana. This loathsome act spurred Amalthia and the Concordat to initiate military action against the Capellan Confederation, the first time a Periphery nation struck first against an Inner Sphere nation. This conflict was named Ariana's War in remembrance of their lost Lady.[1][2]


It is highly unlikely that Ariana was the heir to the Protectorship; the deeply held Taurian dislike of the Inner Sphere would seem to prevent any heir being bound by marriage to the leader of a Great House, let alone one from the Capellan Confederation which inflicted the Rim War on them. Most likely Amalthia had another child/heir. There is no record of Ariana having children, by Kalvin or otherwise.


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