Ariana Zou

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Ariana Zou
Born 3099[1]
Affiliation Republic of the Sphere
Rank Paladin of the Republic

Ariana Zou (b. 3099 - d. ????) was a MechWarrior and Paladin for The Republic of the Sphere.


She grew up on Zaniah in the spaceport city of Hartzborg. While growing up, she sought out every tale she could of a famous monastery called the St. Marinus House which is home to a brotherhood of ex-MechWarriors. This obsession led her to enroll at the Northwind Military Academy where she excelled and was flagged by the academy's commandant as a possible Knight. Once she graduated from the academy, her military career started when she was assigned to the VIII Hastati Sentinels. When her unit fought some pirate raiders on Rochelle, Ariana was able to distinguish herself from her peers. This caught the attention of Paladin Otto Mandela who sponsored her to knighthood in 3124.[1]

It took Ariana only four years to go from being a Knight-Errant to being promoted to a full Knight. Her promotion got her assigned to the Exarch's honor guard and she assumed the unofficial command of the X Principes Guards. While on Terra, she became a well known person to most of the Paladins which would serve her well when she was selected to attain the rank of Paladin when Meraj Jorgensson was killed in the early stages of the Senate Rebellion.[1]

Before the initiation of Fortress Republic, she was sent outside of Prefecture X. She was distressed and confused about why she was sent outside the walls, but she has persevered and became Damien Redburn's right-hand man on Callison with the creation of the Remnant.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Meraj Jorgensson
Paladin of the Republic

Succeeded by


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