Armin Tamzarian

Armin Tamzarian
Affiliation Clan Coyote
Galaxy Commander

Armin Tamzarian (born 30?? - died 30??) was a Galaxy Commander for Clan Coyote during the Wars of Reaving.[1]


Earlier in his career, Armin Tamzarian advanced to the rank of Star Colonel without the sponsorship of an older Bloodnamed warrior, making his way based only on his own abilities. During the mid 3050s, he held command of Delta Galaxy's 34th Strike Cluster. Sources of the time noted that his chances of gaining higher command than Star Colonel were slim to none without some kind of sponsorship.[2]

Londerholm Mysteries[edit]

Whether or not Tamzarian ever found a sponsor, or he had simply proven himself to be beyond the need of one, he would one day assume command of Delta Galaxy. Under the cover of a larger conflict between Clan Star Adder and Clan Snow Raven, the Coyotes would move to expand on the planet Londerholm. Quickly taking three neighboring Ice Hellion enclaves, Tamazarian took note of the lack of defenses. The Ice Hellion bondsmen knew very little about what their Clan was up to, except that a few units were being shuffled around in a flurry of cover activity. Reporting his findings to Coyote saKhan Raven Clearwater, she would order him to scale back operations, so other Clans would not take note of the Coyote's expansion, while still keeping an eye on what exactly the Hellions were doing.[3]

Wolf Gambit[edit]

Delta Galaxy would be a major part of the Coyote's assistance to their Clan Wolf allies during their exodus from Clan space. On the 15th of April, 3071, the Wolves were officially Abjured by the Grand Council, after their forceful taking of the Kerensky Blood Heritage from Strana Mechty and the violent fallout that accompanied it, as well as Khan Vladimir Ward's scathing attitude toward the Grand Council as a political body. The Coyotes won the bidding to carry out the Abjurement, with Khan Silas Kufahl using the opportunity as cover while honoring their deal to help the Wolves escape. Their slow pace prompted action from other Clans that desired to possess some of the valuable Wolf territories. On Glory, control of the Wolf enclave was passed to Armin Tamzarian and Delta Galaxy. The Steel Viper's Gamma Galaxy moved on the enclave, but Tamzarian moved his forces to block their advance, buying the Wolves time to escape.[1]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Though it is not clear when Armin Tamzarian died, it is likely that he did so on Tamaron when Delta and several other Coyote Galaxies all met their ends during the last stand against the vengeful Steel Vipers and ilKhan Brett Andrews.[4]


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