Armored Motive System

The Armored Motive System is a system of upgraded suspension components that feature additional armoring and other reinforcements to protect Combat Vehicles from damage. It serves the same purpose as BattleMech Armored Components but is dedicated to protecting the vehicle's propulsion system.


The Armored Motive System was originally invented by Clan Hell's Horses in 3054. After three years of testing and experimenting it went into limited production. Though heavy, the increased protection from mines and weapons fire made it a valuable investment. The Horse's relocation to the Inner Sphere disrupted their production plans, however, and it wasn't until IrTech engineers started production in 3071 that the Armored Motive System became viable.[1]

A vehicle mounting an Armored Motive System is more likely to survive minefields and lucky shots that would otherwise render it immobile. As a result the system, though still experimental, has received rave reviews from armored vehicle crews.


Construction Rules[edit]

The Armored Motive System can only be used by combat or support vehicles that use wheels, tracks, hover systems, WiGE, hydrofoils, or displacement hulls. Submarines can also use the system. When built by the Clans, an Armored Motive System takes up 10% of the vehicle's total tonnage. An Inner Sphere Armored Motive System weighs 15% of the unit's tonnage. Because it is built into the chassis of the affected unit, the AMS doesn't occupy any space on the record sheet.[2]

In game play any time a roll is made on the Motive System Damage Table by a vehicle mounting an Armored Motive system, an additional -2 modifier is applied to the roll. If this roll is 2 or less, then the vehicle is completely unaffected.[1]

An Armored Motive System costs 100,000 C-Bills for every ton it weighs.[3]


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