Arms Dealer

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Arms Dealer
Arms Dealer
Character Profile
Died 3025
Affiliation Taurian Concordat
Profession DropShip Captain of the Newgrange
Parents Samuel Ostergaard (father)


The Arms Dealer was the captain of the DropShip, Newgrange. He was responsible for supplying ammunition to the Aurigan Directorate with the cooperation of the Taurian Concordat.[1]


As mercenary forces in the employ of Lady Arano (for Lord Simon Karosas) descended on Anvelt, they were given orders to disable the DropShip's engine. The Arms Dealer opened up communications to Lady Arano urging her not to attack the Newgrange. She asked the Arms Dealer to surrender, but he cut his communications with her. When the Arms Dealer refused her order, Kamea gave the mercenary unit permission to destroy the fuel tanks next to the Newgrange, destroying the DropShip and taking the dealer with it.


Kamea: "Your son was aboard the Newgrange, wasn't he? That's what this is about."

Samuel: "He was the Captain of the Newgrange. You spoke to him. I listened to his flight recorder -- I heard you order his death."

Kamea: "If that is the truth, then you know that I ordered him to stand down."

Samuel: "He was under orders. He couldn't stand down. But even if he could, do you think that matters? He was my son."

--Lady Kamea realizing that the Arms Dealer was Samuel's son.

Samuel Ostergaard would take extreme measures to avenge his son.

When word of the Newgrange's destruction reached Taurian space, Samuel Ostergaard allied with Victoria Espinosa to bring down the Aurigan Restoration. He would take his revenge so personally, that he would even forsake his duty to the Taurian Concordat and get dishonorably discharged from their Navy. His grief and determination to avenge his son would cost him his life.[1]


Featured only in the apocryphal computer game BattleTech video game, the character of the Arm Dealer is apocryphal as well.[1]


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