Arondight PWS JHS3076.png
Production information
Manufacturer Federated-Boeing Interstellar[1]
Production Year 3075[2]
Use Pocket WarShip
Type Military Spheroid
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 12,000 (7,500)[1] tons
Structural Integrity 20[1]
Length 92[1] meters
Width 92[1] meters
Height 105[1] meters
Safe Thrust 2.5 g[1]
Max Thrust 4 g[1]
Fuel (tons) 250[1]
Fuel (days) 1.84[1]
Armor Ferro-Aluminum[1]
Crew 69[1]
Passengers N/A
Heat Sinks 200 Double Heat Sinks[1]
BV (2.0) 28,819[1]


The Arondight is the first Pocket WarShip designed by the AFFS, rather than being converted from another DropShip design like the Overlord A-3. Designed to escort friendly and attack enemy WarShips, the Arondight is fast, well armed, and heavily armored. The AFFS sought out the opinions of The Medusans, a mercenary unit specializing in naval support and DropShip combat during the Arondight's design process. The experience the Medusans had with their Pocket WarShip Excaliburs was vital in creating the Arondight.[1]


The primary anti-WarShip punch carried by the Arondight is in the single Kraken-T and multiple AR-10 launchers. The Kraken-T allows a gunner to fly a massive warhead directly into a WarShip, while the AR-10s can fire any type of capital missile the magazines can hold. The balance of the ship's weaponry is dedicated to anti-aerospace fighter duties. (This is particularly important with the Word of Blake's habit of delivering nuclear weapons on aerospace fighters.) The multiple Rotary AC/5s, ER Medium Lasers, and Piranha missile launchers are enough to drive off any fighter foolish enough to attack an Arondight without support. In addition, the sixteen anti-missile systems placed in the various firing arcs of the ship were able to destroy many incoming missiles before they inflict any damage.[1]


As a Pocket WarShip, the Arondight isn't equipped with 'Mech cubicles and only carries a single lance of aerospace fighters. The ship relies on its speed, agility, thick armor, and heavy weaponry to dissuade most aerospace fighters, but additional fighter defenses can be drawn from other ships in the Arondight's task force. Most of the 440 tons of cargo space is devoted to additional ammunition, consumables, or parts.[1]

The Arondight also carries 24 infantrymen equipped with battle armor. Although these marines could be used in attempts to board enemy vessels, they are usually deployed aboard the ship to prevent a hostile takeover.[1]


  • Arondight SCC 
    Developed during the Jihad in 3077[3], the large number of anti-missile systems present in a space battle rendered most of the capital missile launchers used by the AFFS forces useless. During the assault on Towne the FSS Indefatigable was destroyed by heavy sub-capital cannon fire from two Blakist Pocket WarShips. The missiles fired by the Kraken-T and AR-10 were destroyed before they even reached the Blakist vessels. In response Federated-Boeing removed the Kraken launcher and replaced it with three Heavy Sub-Capital Cannon. The AR-10 launchers were replaced with a quartet of Light Sub-Capital Cannons. This direct firepower wasn't subject to interception, and proved to be much more effective in combat.[4]. BV (2.0) = 29,120[4][3]

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