Arous Brocken

"Arous Brocken"
Occupation Novelist
Alias name(s) Arous Brocken

The German BattleTech author known under the pen name Arous Brocken, according to his author page, values his privacy and prefers to remain known only under his pseudonym.

He revealed about himself only that he studied mechanical engineering in the 1990s and since 1999 works for the automobile industry, constructing safety systems for drivers and passengers. He liked mountaineering when he was younger, but has since shifted his hobby interests towards piloting sport planes; he also wrote science fiction stories from a young age.

Fascinated by the technical aspects of BattleTech, he was nevertheless not a very active player of the boardgame. As a consequence, he admits that especially his earlier works may be problematic with regards to established canon and fact-checking.

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