Articles of Acceptance

The Articles of Acceptance is a critical document regulating the government of the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]


The Articles of Acceptance is the constitution drawn up by Archon Robert Marsden after his coup in 2375. It guarantees virtually complete autonomy in local affairs to member worlds, provided each agreed to honor all reasonable military demands made on them for common defense and contribute a portion of planetary gross income for maintenance of a standing army. Articles also made Archon supreme commander of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces and any private armies existing within the Lyran Commonwealth. Delegates from each world would form the Estates General, which met for the first time in March 2378.[1][2][3]

Twenty worlds refused to sign these articles, citing encroachment upon personal/planetary freedoms. Most of these worlds were "persuaded" to sign when LCAF WarShips parked at their jump points, blocking food shipments to starve them into signing. Eight self-sustaining worlds held out the longest, causing Archon Robert Marsden to order invasions of Tamar, Skye, Bountiful Harvest, Ryde, Loxley and three other holdout planets. These orders earned Archon Marsden the nickname of "Crusher". Fighting was bloody with no quarter given.[2][3]

The articles, while having been amended several times, are still implemented throughout the Lyran Commonwealth, forming the basis of many Lyran laws.[1]


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