Artillery Cannon


Artillery Cannons are variations of standard artillery pieces. These smaller, snub-nosed versions of Long Toms, Snipers and Thumpers provide for area-effect fire at the expense of their typical firing range. Development of Artillery Cannons was begun independently by the Lyran Commonwealth in 3000 and Clan Wolf in 3030, with production starting in 3012 and 3032 respectively. Despite this, full-scale production has not yet commenced, making them a rare sight on the battlefield. To date the Long Tom Cannon, Sniper Cannon, and Thumper Cannon have only been seen on a few prototype units.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

Artillery cannons follow the rules for indirect LRM fire to attack, but still resolve damage as standard artillery and scatter distance is divided by half. While able to use the same ammunition as full-scale artillery, they cannot benefit from a Targeting Computer.[1]


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