Organization Profile
Type Intelligence Agency
Founding Year ca. 2407[1]
Parent Organization Rim Worlds Republic

AsRoc was the Rim Worlds Republic intelligence service.


In 2407, the Draconis Combine and Lyran Commonwealth both approached the Rim Worlds Republic with offers of alliance after war broke out in the Skye and Tamar provinces, to which First Consul Heather Durant rejected in favor of official neutrality. As the war spread, the Rim Worlds became the scene of clandestine activities between the Kuritan and Lyran intelligence agencies and Durant saw a means to profit from this. She created the AsRoc intelligence service to acquire as many military secrets they could intercept and sell them to the highest bidder.[1][2]

In 2751, a classified report sent to Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky on the investigation of Simon Cameron's death and visible only to Star League Intelligence Command and Hegemony Central Intelligence Bureau personnel, noted that the Rim Worlds Republic's intelligence agency had not demonstrated "appropriate fieldcraft" in recent years, though could not be ruled out entirely.[3]

By 2773, at the start of the Lyran Commonwealth's Operation ALMARIC, the Republican intelligence apparatus was non-existent.[4]



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