Asa Taney

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Asa Taney
Died 3065
Affiliation Clan Ice Hellion
Rank Khan
Profession aerospace pilot

Asa Taney was a Khan of Clan Ice Hellion during the Civil War era.[citation needed]


During the Hellion's Fury campaign, Khan Stephen Tyler was killed in battle during a pirate raid in 3048. The Clan selected the ristar aerospace pilot Asa Taney as their new Khan.[citation needed]

Home Clan Coalition[edit]

Jealous of the Invading Clans inside of the Inner Sphere, Khan Taney would form his own alliance known as the Home Clan Coalition. The goal of the alliance was to either force the current Invading Clans to join their crusade or replace the remaining clans with them. He called for a Trial of Absorption among the Wolves and Falcons, stating their failures, but the vote was slammed down by the unity of the other invaders. Despite this, the alliance did gain two notable supporters, Khan Ian Hawker of Clan Diamond Shark and Khan Malavai Fletcher of Clan Hell's Horses. Despite their support, this alliance bore no fruit as Vladimir Ward and Marthe Pryde would stymie his efforts by creating the Harvest Trials, which would allow Homeworld units to fight in the Inner Sphere, but under the banner of either the Wolves or Jade Falcons. It would also allow the two Clans to rebuild after the Refusal War. As for Taney's supporters, Khan Fletcher would make a contract bid to the Wolves in order to be included in the invasion and Khan Hawker would commit suicide during the aftermath of the Great Refusal.[citation needed]

Great Refusal[edit]

Khan Taney and his Clan would take part in the Great Refusal in order to resume the invasion of the Inner Sphere. Pitted against Clan Nova Cat, the Hellions initially did well and slew both Nova Cat Khans. However, they quickly overextended themselves and were decisively defeated by the remaining Nova Cat warriors. In addition to losing the Trial, Khan Taney was significantly wounded during the battle.[citation needed]

When Galaxy Commander Drew Norizuchi sponsored trueborn Bispham to join Alpha Galaxy, Asa Taney gave him a post as his aide, and attached him to the 150th Hellion Lancers. He saw this warrior's potential and—citing his meritorious service—nominated Bispham for the command of the Katyusha Keshik in late 3061.[1]

Death and legacy[edit]

By 3065, the Hellion warriors regarded Khan Asa Taney as a major liability to the Clan. Challenged to a Trial over his conduct, he was slain by his eventual successor, Raina Montose.[citation needed]

His successor would actually perform worse than Taney had. While Khan Montose was actually able to launch an invasion into the Inner Sphere, she made several mistakes. Her first strike was not actually cooperating with the Hell's Horses. Secondly, Khan Montose would extend her resources way beyond reach, making it harder for supplies to reach her clan. Finally, her underestimation of the Inner Sphere citizens and the Spheroid-based Clans would also play to her downfall. As a result, the Clan was left fractured and destroyed. While Conner Rood's half of the Clan was absorbed into Clan Goliath Scorpion, Raina was killed by the Falcons and her half of the Hellions were forced to make pirate raids against the Ghost Bear Dominion to survive.[citation needed]

As for the half that joined the Scorpions, the Taney and other Hellion Bloodnames would live on in that Clan.[citation needed]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Danielle Lienet
saKhan of Clan Ice Hellion

Succeeded by
Sellen Cage
Preceded by
Stephen Tyler
Khan of Clan Ice Hellion
3048 – 3065

Succeeded by
Raina Montose


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