Ashton 'Mech Production Complex

Ashton 'Mech Production Complex
Corporation Profile

The Ashton 'Mech Production Complex is a Clan facility on Foster in the Kerensky Cluster. It is located near Pillar Prime.[1][2][3]


The Ashton 'Mech Production Complex is owned and operated by Clan Coyote, though it was once under Clan Fire Mandrill's control[citation needed]. The complex is best known for producing the original Canis and Rabid Coyote 'Mechs, developed in response to changes in the Coyote approach to combat. The factory was taken in a Trial of Possession ~3070 by Clan Goliath Scorpion[2], and damaged or destroyed by Clan Coyote's Delta Galaxy by March, 3073[3].


Ashton 'Mech Production Complex has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Foster:[5][6][7][8]
Component Type
Rabid Coyote[5][9] Medium BattleMech
Lancelot C[8] Heavy BattleMech
Canis[7] Assault BattleMech
Medium Series MVV Endo Steel Rabid Coyote[5]
MangoTech500 XXX Endo Steel Lancelot C[8]
Clan Series Assault SXC Canis[7]
Fusion Engine
Type 275 Standard Rabid Coyote[5]
Extralight Fusion Engine
360 XL Fusion Lancelot C[8]
Clan Type 240 XL Canis[7]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Forging OTR17b Lancelot C[8]
Forging ZK11 Canis[7]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Compound CL20 Ferro-fibrous Rabid Coyote[5]
Jump Jets
Clan Standart 14X Standart Canis[7]
Communications System
JNE Integrated Lancelot C[8]
TJ6 "Bell" Integrated Canis[7]
TJ7 "Siren" Integrated Rabid Coyote[5]
Targeting-Tracking System
KBC Starsight Model 5.1 Lancelot C[8]
TRTTS Mark II Canis[7]
TRTTS Mark II-beta Rabid Coyote[5]
ER Medium Laser
Medium Pulse Laser
Kolibri Series Rabid Coyote[5]
Large Pulse Laser
Kolibri Delta Series Lancelot C[8]
ER Large Laser
Series 7Ja Canis[7]
Type 9 Canis[7]
Remer Series Alpha Deuce Rabid Coyote[5] & Hunchback IIC[6]


  1. Note: Two references were used to infer the location of Ashton 'Mech Production Complex, both from The Wars of Reaving. "Vanishing Point", p. 70, describes Clan Goliath Scorpion gains on Foster 3070-3071, in the absence of a significant Clan Coyote presence; the Trials of Possession for parts of the Coyote enclave won the Scorpions the Ashton 'Mech Production Complex, and a new, unnamed Minotaur complex. "Scorpion Gambit", pp. 124-129, describes how the Goliath Scorpions held one last colony centered on a large, BattleMech factory. Since the Scorpions only had two factories on Foster, one BattleMech and one ProtoMech, it is inferred the identity of the BattleMech facility must be Ashton 'Mech Production Complex.
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