Asuncion Industries

Asuncion Industries
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Founding Year March 15, 2477
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Asuncion, Wei
Primary Products Aerospace, inter-system and interstellar small craft and systems; personal vacuum equipment

Asuncion Industries produces small spacecraft and personal vacuum environment survival equipment. It has manufacturing centers on Asuncion and Wei.


Asuncion Industries was founded on Asuncion, a colony world of the Sian Supremacy before it joined Capellan Confederation, and was initially geared towards supplying basic materials and parts in the construction of interstellar craft.[1] In the wake of the Reunification War, Asuncion Industries was tapped by Chancellor Normann Aris to build the Stork Light Refueling Craft as part of an effort to shore up the Confederation's defenses without taxing its weakened economy.[2] However, when the Succession Wars began, Asuncion was conquered by the Free Worlds League, forcing the company to relocate its headquarters to Wei. Despite these losses, the company remained profitable, and branched out into related areas such as life-support systems.[1]

When the Fourth Succession War hit, the company could not escape when the Federated Commonwealth conquered Wei, though it (and its employees) proved amenable to the political and economic freedoms of the FedCom state. The transition back into the more tightly-controlled Capellan economy after Operation Guerrero recaptured Wei was far less pleasant, though CEO Adam Nakoma managed to convince the Capellan government to allow his company to continue serving foreign clients. In the years since, Asuncion Industries branched out into the personal vacuum equipment market, building its Asuncion Escape Suits on Wei with plans to open a second line on Necromo.[3]

During the Jihad Asuncion established a factory at Gerriado on the Borah continent of Sarna, producing RetroTech equipment in support of the desperate CCAF need for any kind of military equipment. By 3079 the plant had been operating for five years, and with the CCAF beginning to focus once more on quality equipment Asuncion was reviewing the profitability of the facility.[4]


Asuncion Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Asuncion:[2]
Component Type
Stork[2] Combat Vehicle


Components produced on Sarna:[4]
Component Type
Wolverine[4] Medium RetroTech BattleMech[4]


Components produced on Wei:[3]
Component Type
Asuncion Escape Suit[3] Skinsuit


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