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Production information
Manufacturer Gibson Federated BattleMechs
Production Year 3072[1]
Use Line Unit
Weight Class Medium
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost ??? C-bills
Introduced 3072
Technical specifications
Mass 1,000 kg
Top Speed 10.8 km/h
Armor Type Advanced Armor
BV (2.0) 30[2]


The closest thing the Demon Series of battle armor has to a standard, front-line model, the Asura is a medium-weight design. The Word of Blake battlesuit is named for demons of Hindu lore and is overwhelmingly fielded by Manei Domini troops whose cybernetic enhancements make them even more powerful.[4]

Compared to the Clan Elemental the Asura is not as well armored, although its 280kg of advanced armor can withstand a hit from a Clan ER Medium Laser. The Asura does not have any enhancements to a standard trooper's ground speed but carries jump jets to leap ninety meters at a time, matching the Elemental in terms of speed, and its weaponry has a longer reach. While only ever fielded in significant numbers by the Manei Domini, unconfirmed rumors from the Terran resistance movement claims that regular Militia units also used these suit, though if true these were most likely discarded testbed models reportedly prone to glitching.[4]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Asura's weapon profile is similar in some ways to the Elemental, but is also enhanced. A Medium Recoilless Rifle mounted in the right arm serves as its main weapon and has greater range than the Elemental's equivalent. Similarly, a Rocket Launcher 4 does the same damage as an Elemental's missile complement, but also at greater range. The left arm's Battle Claw allows the Asura to ride OmniMechs and engage in anti-'Mech attacks.[5]


  • Anti-Infantry 
    Like the others in the Demon series, the Asura features an anti-infantry variant designed for maximum effectiveness in rooting out disorganized resistance to Blakist rule. A Machine Gun in the right arm is devastating to unarmored troops while a "Firedrake" Support Needler in the left destroys flesh very effectively. Both arms are equipped with battle claws and a Camo System keeps the Asura hidden from unsophisticated opponents until it is ready to strike. BV (2.0) = 39[5][6]
  • SRM 
    As ambush variant that specializes in anti-armor weaponry, the SRM features a One-Shot SRM-6. Its main gun is a Heavy Machine Gun in the right arm that is especially effective at point-blank range; like the standard model it has a battle claw in the left arm. Though effective when it gets the drop on vehicles and light 'Mechs, its lack of a camo system like the anti-infantry model makes victory less certain when confronted by an equivalent foe before it can get in the first strike. BV (2.0) = 43[5][7]



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