Athena Corporation

Athena Corporation
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Canopus IV
Primary Products WarShips

Athena Corporation was a company that began as a combination think-tank and engineering firm in the Canopus IV system.[1]

The Magistracy of Canopus was in a position to build a version of the Athena more faithful to the original design, and the resulting Athena-class cruiser was the first WarShip to be produced domestically by the Canopians. Although the Magistracy had to improvise in some areas, those improvisations were made only as a concession to the availability of various components locally, and the class would continue to display its ancient origins through such features as the large bays for drop shuttles it possessed, and the lack of K-F booms and docking collars.[2] The corporation within the Magistracy responsible for developing the Athena from a design into a functioning WarShip class was the Athena Corporation, founded in the twenty-sixth century and tasked with the "Athena Project". The Athena Corporation began with a combined engineering firm and think tank located in the Canopus IV system and successfully launched the first Athena-class WarShip, the MCS Athena in 2569. Only one more Athena would be produced prior to the Reunification War, the MCS Kossandra Centrella.[1]


The Athena Corporation has a manufacturing center on the following station:

Diamond Garter Fleet Yards[edit]

Components produced on Canopus IV:
Component Type
Athena-Class WarShip Cruiser


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