Atlan (Individual JumpShip)

This article is about the JumpShip. For the Union-class DropShip, see Atlan (Union).
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip


The Atlan was a "small" JumpShip of unspecified type, capable of carrying a DropShip. In 3025, House Steiner loaned the Atlan to Ardan Sortek in his quest to return to the Federated Suns and track down Hanse Davion's Doppelgänger.[1] The ship carried him to a pirate jump point in the Stein's Folly system where a moon hid their arrival from the planet. Following leads gathered on the Folly, Sortek then traveled on to Argyle with the Atlan. No further mention is made of the vessel following his arrival.

Circumstantial evidence suggests the Atlan to be a Scout-class vessel, but this remains ultimately unproven.


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