Atrean Robotics

Atrean Robotics
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Atreus
Primary Products IndustrialMechs

Atrean Robotics manufactured non-combatant support 'Mechs for the Free Worlds League military. The company was best known for producing the Patron LoaderMech.


Atrean Robotics entered the market for military 'Mechs in 2550. While most military manufacturers looked toward producing better killing machines, Atrean Robotics focused on the space behind fighting platforms. This focus resulted in the company's original-designed Patron LoaderMech.[1] Capitalizing on the production of less-noticeable, albeit entirely necessary, non-combatant support 'Mechs is what made Atrean Robotics so successful for over 200 years.

The Patron, designed to support the Free Worlds League's first BattleMech, the comparably successful Icarus, cut reloading time in the field to a fraction of what it was with conventional equipment. Indeed, not only was the Patron one of the first LoaderMechs in history, pioneering a new era in field refit equipment, its efficiency and effectiveness proved invaluable to the growing FWLM, causing its demand to increase rapidly. Later, with the introduction of the Icarus II, Atrean Robotics designed an updated Patron to comply with new requirements. With the phasing-out of the Icarus II, Atrean Robotics introduced a general purpose model to be of primary production. This opened Patron sales to support an even wider array of battlefield requirements as the design was no longer tailored specifically toward the Icarus series.

The company's increasing success with the Patron platform enabled it to expand its production capacity tremendously. Eventually, Atrean Robotics would have manufacturing centers on sixteen worlds spread throughout League territory.[1] Unfortunately, Atrean Robotics would not survive the Succession Wars due to the incredible destructiveness of the age. The Patron design, however, would be later resurrected by Graham-Davis Enterprises during the Jihad.


Atrean Robotics has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Atreus:[2]
Component Type
Patron[2] IndustrialMech
AR1 Standard Patron[2]
Fuel Cell
Vlar 30 PowerStack Patron[2]
Commercial Armor
Type 7 IndiPlate Patron[2]
Communications System
Apple Communicator Patron[2]
Lift Hoist
AR Standard Patron[2]
AR-6 Patron[2]


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