Atreus (FWL)

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Atreus (FWL) 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates−191.068 : −163.776[e]
Spectral classF4V[1]
Recharge time175 hours[1][2]
Recharge station(s)Nadir, Zenith[1]

The Atreus system is the location of at least one habitable world, Atreus III, as well as a notable moon, Wendigo, and as of June 3152 was the capital world of the Free Worlds League.[3]

System Description[edit]

Atreus lies close to the Alterf and Ionus systems[4][5] and consists of an F4V primary orbited by at least three planets, one of which is habitable.[1]

System History[edit]

The Atreus system was colonized during the First Exodus from Terra.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Atreus III[edit]

Atreus III
Atreus Flag.jpg
System positionThird[1]
Jump Point distance16 days[1]
Moons1 (Wendigo)[1]
Surface gravity1.0[1]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature45°C (Jungle)[1]
Surface water70%[1]
Highest native lifeMammal[1]
Landmasses4 (Corin, Ionia, Lanan, Paltos)[1]
History and Culture
Population5,391,000,000 (3025),[35]
8,398,000,000 (3067),[1]
8,365,000,000 (3076),[36]
8,371,000,000 (3079)[37]
Government and Infrastructure
Noble RulerDuke of Atreus
CapitalAtreus City[1]
HPG ClassA[1][35][37]
HPG RepresentativePrecentor Pedrigor Aliz (3025)[35]

Atreus III, more commonly referred to simply as Atreus, is the third planet in the Atreus system and for centuries served as the capital of the Free Worlds League. Atreus is home to a number of important defense industry facilities and is orbited by a moon named Wendigo, notable for being the location of the headquarters of SAFE, the League intelligence agency.

Planetary History[edit]

Early Years[edit]

Atreus was colonized in 2160 as part of First Exodus from Terra. The planet was one of Terra's most distant colonies at the time. The world became capital world of the Free Worlds League in 2271.[1]

Atreus was conquered in 2246 by forces from the Republic of Marik; the forcible induction of Atreus into the Republic resulted in the Republic reinventing itself as the Marik Commonwealth, with Charles Marik as leader.[6]

Reunification War[edit]

During the Reunification War, Atreus was one of several worlds within the Free Worlds League where prisoners captured during the war between the Star League and the Magistracy of Canopus were interned. While troublesome prisoners were kept in prisons, the majority of the internment facilities resembled military barracks, and with the Canopians lacking any of the paperwork or identification required for interstellar travel conditions were rather relaxed. While prisoner rosters were taken and checked, the Canopians were given access to sports, leisure and education facilities, as well as a small stipend. Many of the MAF officers actually found themselves being invited by the local military and nobility to soirées and events where the Canopians were the guest of honor. This was tacitly—or possibly actively—encouraged by Captain-General Marion Marik as both a demonstration to the Canopians of the benefits of life available under the Star League and as a reminder to First Lord Ian Cameron of the benefits of applying a carrot to the Periphery nations, rather than a stick. Many of the Canopian prisoners who returned to the Magistracy after the war became active and vocal supporters of integration with the Star League as a result of their humane treatment during the war.[38]


BioChemical Raid of Atreus City[edit]

On 3 October 3068, the Knights of the Inner Sphere were the subject of a surprise recall order, bringing them back to Atreus from their assignment as a part of Marshall Jeremy Brett's Operation BROKEN FIST counteroffensive against the Skye and Bolan Provinces of the Lyran Alliance.[39] The Knights arrived on Atreus on the 24th of October, and were the recipients of a hastily-arranged honor parade on the 25th when a Word of Blake Overlord-class DropShip and other aerospace elements attacked Atreus City, using chemical weapons to kill the bulk of Parliament and most of the Knights as well as damaging the Parliament building itself.[39] The escaping DropShip was destroyed by pro-League forces.[40] As the attack commenced, a Blakist propaganda stream was broadcast declaring that Captain-General Thomas Marik was a fraud; shortly after the attack, the local communications network was disrupted across a wide area, and a massive naval engagement erupted in the Atreus system as the pro-Word and pro-League elements of the Free Worlds League Navy began attacking each other.[39][41]

Around the same time, a major fleet action was fought over the skies of Atreus, involving WarShips of the Free Worlds Navy and possibly the Word of Blake. Rumors said that several Free Worlds Navy vessels fired upon each other.[42]

Coup of 3069[edit]

Fighting on Atreus erupted as pro-Blakist troops attempted to oust both the false Thomas Marik through, even after the false Thomas Marik was removed in July 3069. Paul Marik, the real-Thomas Marik's brother installed his daughter, Corinne Marik, as Captain-General of the League. During this period Word of Blake forces began using Atreus as training base, with the Fifteenth Division taking up garrisoning the planet in the Paltos region.[43]

Though the transfer of power was said to be a peaceful one, the deaths of both Minister of Defense Heather Alexander and General Cassandra Blake (the noted aerospace pilot) in the last few days from "accidents" might give another light to it. Several other accidents claimed the lives of quite a few of the Dormuth Household Guards, and members of the Captain-General's personal staff have also had unfortunate mishaps.[44]

The middle years of the Jihad[edit]

The First Knights of the Inner Sphere kept fighting despite their desperate situation, carrying out a guerrilla war on the island continent of Ionia, breaking down into lances and harassing the Blakists and their collaborators. This valiant stand mobilized loyalists of the false Marik and inspired civilians to support them with desperately needed food, ammunition, and even replacement parts. The arrival of Corrine Marik alongside her Second Legionnaires in January 3072 finally forced the Knights to ground.[41]

Paul Marik's next step was to root out other elements of resistance. SAFE investigated the Eagle Corps and found then to have harbored subversive elements. The unit was disbanded, and SAFE's own paramilitary force, the Dark Shadows, was posted to their Eyrie fortress on Wendigo.[41]

The Knights and the missing Eagle Corps operatives organized dissidents into a potent resistance network. Sorties by the Knights to support their allies were few but carefully planned for the highest impact, as with the July 3074 liberation of SAFE's main detention facility in the Mycale Mountains. Led by Precentor Evelyn Jennings, the Fifteenth Division responded with savage reprisals, sparking criticism from her Marik Commonwealth allies.[41]

Following the disbanding of SAFE's elite Eagle Corps special forces, the Dark Shadows staffed the defenses of the "The Eyrie" facility on Wendigo, the moon of the Free Worlds League capital world of Atreus. A scathing online tirade under a flimsy cover identity by Anne-Marie McCormack, the unit's commander at the time, provoked Paul Marik into having the unit destroyed. On 23 April 3075, they were lured away from their base by a mock attack by the mercenary unit Grandin's Crusaders and then ambushed by the Forty-ninth Shadow Division. The Eyre was subsequently captured. The battle on the airless moon left no survivors of the Dark Shadows, the Forty-ninth took no prisoners and left the remains of the fallen Dark Shadows pilots to rest inside their broken 'Mechs. The entire incident was classified though and only came to light after the Word of Blake was ejected from Atreus.[45][41]

The Fifteenth Division located a resistance encampment on Mount Pinatubo, and a detachment of the Second Knights fell trying to hold them off. After that battle, several prisoners were summarily executed before the Eighth Legionnaires intervened. In response to the atrocities, the Captain-General ordered the Forty-ninth Shadow Division to leave Atrean space and took the remaining prisoners into FWLM custody.[41]

The strength of the anti-Blakist network was weakened starting in October 3075, when the Knights abruptly withdrew from operations for and unknown reason at that time.[41]

Battle of Atreus City of 3076[edit]

In 3076, Thomas Halas (formerly the false Thomas Marik), launched a raid, attempting to rescue survivors of the First Knights of the Inner Sphere and his wife Sherryl Halas.[41] His forces included the Second Knights of the Inner Sphere and Romanov's Crusaders, and they saw action against the Fifteenth Division and supported by Marik-Commonwealth forces of the Second Free Worlds Legionnaires and the Eighth Free Worlds Legionnaires and mercenary support from Grandin's Crusaders in a campaign that ran through Atreus City and into its southern suburbs. The battle ultimately left several million homeless and thousands dead. It left the city's storied Interstellar Botanic Gardens and Technology Museum damaged in aftermath of the conflict.[46][47]

Blakist Final Stand on Atreus[edit]

Marik Commonwealth forces consisting of the Second and Eighth Free Worlds Legionnaires turned on their Blakist "allies" in the wake of Alys Rousset-Marik and her Resistance forces arriving in orbit. The Legionnaires stormed the Blakists' Karpov Training Range in the Paltos Mountains where they clashed with the Fifteenth and Thirtieth Divisions in a battle of survival. Alys' forces in orbit clashed with the Division's Pocket WarShip forces. However, League forces storming the control failed to stop the Blakist from sending distress call from its HPG. This led to the orbiting Blakist forces using nuclear weaponry on land and orbital targets provide cover for its retreating allied units. Few Blakists escaped and the Resistance set up a detention facility at the Karpov training range.[48]


Atreus was originally considered to be safe from the turmoil of the Jihad, but the various battles on the planet and the use of chemical weapons and the dispersal of the Free Worlds League Navy shocked the population, and the guerrilla campaign waged by the Knights of the Inner Sphere inflicted further damage on the world. By 3079 reconstruction efforts were well underway.[37] The various military and defense industry facilities on Atreus weathered the Jihad to varying degrees; of the aerospace industries, the DropShip manufacturer Deller, Bingham and Fouts had lost almost half their industrial production capacity to damage during the Jihad, but had restored output to three-quarters of pre-Jihad production by 3079.[49] Conversely, the ImStar Aerospace ground facilities took damage during the Jihad, the orbital facilities were largely untouched;[37] despite approximately a third of the lines being damaged, production was barely above half of pre-Jihad levels in 3079[49] due to ImStar closing down the production lines for the Agamemnon-class heavy cruiser as parts to complete the WarShips were no longer arriving. The Imperator Automatic Weaponry plant sustained more damage than the ImStar facilities—although less than the Deller, Bingham, and Fouts factories—and production had been reached two-thirds of prewar production by 3079.[49] Enrollment at the Atreus Officer Training College was also down sharply as recruits from other provinces were no longer enrolling.[37]

Dissolution of the Free Worlds League[edit]

The last assembly of the Free Worlds League parliament was held on Atreus on 28 January 3079. The final vote of the parliament was on the subject of the dissolution of the League; of the 83 votes polled, 75 were in favor of disbanding the League. As a result, the confederation of member states was dissolved, and the Free Worlds League disbanded as a nation.[50]

Dark Age Era[edit]

Atreus City was in ruins by 3138, with the majority of the world's population suffering from malnutrition. The city itself had fallen into ruins through neglect. The Marik-Stewart Commonwealth claimed the world after the Jihad, but no move was made to restore the capital city. However the (Imstar Aerospace) manufacturing facilities were restored. The world was used briefly as the temporary capital of the Commonwealth at beginning of the Lyran Commonwealth's invasion of 3137, but it was moved yet again to Stewart.

After the fall of Marik-Stewart Commonwealth, Regulan Fiefs' forces invaded the world in 22 July 3138. They easily took control of the world, which offered resistance. Captain-General Cameron-Jones ordered the restoration of the old FWL's House of Parliament and for fought to be brought to the starving populace.

In April 3139, the Regulans lost control of the planet to a coalition force of the new Free Worlds League, led by Warden Thaddeus Marik in Operation Homecoming. Coalition leaders began restoring the capital, including helping restore the health of the population. By July 3rd, the world became the capital of the new Free Worlds League.

As the combined Lyran-Wolf assault upon the League continued into 3140 Captain-General Jessica Marik and the FWLM awaited the Clan Wolf invasion force on Atreus. Believing she could not prevent the loss of the world, Marik instead resolved to win a Pyrrhic victory to blunt their invasion. When the Wolf fleet jumped into the system on May 19, Marik gave a defiant speech to Khan Seth Ward, only for Ward to offer the League a cease-fire as he intended to turn upon his double-crossing Lyran allies instead.[51][52]

Military Deployment[edit]


Planetary Map of Atreus

Atreus has a single moon, Wendigo, and four continents: Corin, Ionia, Lanan, and Paltos. The planet has five named bodies of water: Atreide Ocean, Soyuz Ocean, Northern Sea, Parthenon Sea, and Ewen Sea.[36]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Corin (continent)
  • Attarsiya: a city
  • Cleveland: a city
  • Ryal City: a city
  • Semidam: a city
  • Tantalus: a city
  • Ionia (continent)
  • Allison Memorial Spaceport[64]
  • Interstellar Botanic Garden[1]
  • League Museum of Technology[1]
  • Palace of Justice[65]
  • Reaves Fine Art Institute[1]
  • Tartarus Federal Penitentiary[65]
  • Lanan (continent)
  • Chrysippus: a city
  • Firth of Clyde: a city
  • Thyestes: a city
  • Paltos (continent)

Companies and Industries[edit]

Atreus IIIa (Wendigo)[edit]

Atreus' sole moon is an airless rock similar to the Terran moon and holds the headquarters of SAFE's special forces unit, the Eagle Corps.[72] Known as "The Eyrie" it is located beneath the peak of a long-dead volcano. The volcano's ridge house several defensive-weapons structures and a spaceport rests at the bottom of the volcano's crater.[73]

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Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 36 systems (35 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Ionus 13.3 Alterf 15.7 Manihiki 16.8 Hellos Minor 18.1
Hódmezovásárhely 21.4 Newcastle 24.4 Aitutaki 26.6 Tongatapu 29.9
Wallis 30.8 Zempoatlepetl 32.5 Futuna 32.8 Norfolk 34.7
Faleolo 36.7 Trinidad 36.9 Laureles 37.9 Ngake 38.8
Loyalty 40.5 Köln 42.1 Regulus 42.3 Escobas 45.4
Cameron 46.9 Tuamotu 49.3 Harmony 49.9 Cajamarca 52.2
Sparta 52.2 Kirkenlaard 52.3 Midkiff 52.4 New Olympia 52.9
Alta 54.3 Coriscana 54.7 Muscida 54.7 Spirit 56.1
Keeling 56.4 Campbelton 56.4 Thirty Weight 56.4 Paradise 61.5


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