Atreus Officer Training College

Atreus Officer Training College
Atreus Officer Training College Logo
Atreus Officer Training College Logo
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Location Atreus
Founding Year Succession War era
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The goal of the year-long course is to develop the skills of officers in leadership and command. This college is the only one of its kind in the League.[1]


Every soldier who has not undergone officer training yet can apply for admission to the Officer Training College. Only 5 percent of the applicants graduate at the first attempt. Most students spend a number of years in active commands, but in recent years graduates fresh from the academies have applied for entry.[1]

Advanced Individual Training[edit]

The College prepares the students for the huge bureaucracy that brings the daily officer life with it. The important of delegation and time management is taught also. The classical fields of tactics and strategy play a lesser role. Practical matters are the cornerstone of the study in contrast to theory.[1]


The intensive course allows little room for recreation and out of schools interaction. A series of teambuilding exercises are held to forge a band of camaraderie.[1]


During the course the students must show strong will to meet the extremely high standards for graduation. Any failure means that the applicant will never receive command position but in contrast learn a number of beneficial skills.[1]


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