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Attenbrooks nearby systems (3151)
Attenbrooks nearby systems (3151)
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -71.766 : 986.082[e]
Spectral class G1III[1]
Recharge time 182[1]

The Attenbrooks system is a Deep Periphery system that was used as a fleet base and trading post during the Clan Invasion era.[1]

System Description[edit]

The Attenbrooks system has a class G1III primary, leading to a recharge time of 182 hours. It was the site of a trading post and fleet base located in orbit around a planetary body 10 days (at 1g acceleration/deceleration) from the jump point.[1]

System History[edit]

During Operation REVIVAL, the fleet base and orbital trading post in the Attenbrooks system were operated by Clan Diamond Shark.[2] By 3072 activity had reduced significantly at Attenbrooks, with the system becoming little more than a recharge and cargo way station operated by the Diamond Shark merchant caste. The Diamond Sharks lost contact with Attenbrooks and two other Deep Periphery facilities, a similar facility in the Ctesiphon system and the small colony at Suda Bay, all in the space of a ten-day period in 3072.[3]

The only information the Diamond Sharks had over the sudden silence came from a trade convoy, which had been ordered to return to the Inner Sphere following a loss of contact with the Diamond Shark enclaves on Vinton in the Clan Homeworlds. The trade convoy only managed to send a relatively brief communication before being lost, but it reported contact with a small armed fleet in the Ctesiphon system including a modified Davion-class destroyer (which had identified itself as the Nikolai Tesla) before suffering a crippling fighter strike and exploding.[3] The Nikolai Tesla was operated by either the Bandit Caste or the faction known as the Society and was likely responsible for the silence from all three systems.

By 3095 the Inner Sphere was aware that the Attenbrooks system had been abandoned.[2]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Military Deployment[edit]


Essex-class destroyers CDS Sharon and CDS Tracy[1]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (0 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Transfer Station P9 67.6 Transfer Station P3 108.3 Trelleborg 192.5 Harris 196.3
Nouveaux Paris 246.6 Bazaar 250.1 Trinity 286.0 Santiago 299.3
Wolf Orbital 82 304.0 Suda Bay 319.1 Ramsey 333.3 Ghent 334.5
Kinbrace 346.7 Star Cluster P12 369.6 Wark 369.7 Transfer Station J239H2 386.3
Gwithian 387.3 Ctesiphon 397.8 St. Jean 403.6 Idrmach 412.6


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