Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Mako
In service until March 2785


The LCS Aurelius was a Mako-class corvette in service with the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces during the First Succession War.[1] In March 2785 the Aurelius was one of a number of WarShips assigned to Operation ELBOW JOINT, the preemptive invasion of Bolan by the Lyran Commonwealth. Protecting a ground force that included at least three regiments of BattleMechs, the Aurelius was one of a dozen WarShips assigned to the invasion, and arrived at a LaGrange point three days out from Bolan[2] along with three sister ships, the Nerva, Vespasian and Vitellius, as well as two Commonwealth-class cruisers, the Caledonia and Donegal.[1]

The first major engagement in the invasion was fought between the task force containing the Aurelius and three WarShips from Bolan's garrison, the League-class destroyers FWLS Talwar, FWLS Turk and FWLS Tyberium.[2] In addition to the WarShips, the Lyran task force also included two squadrons of assault DropShips and aerospace fighters, and should have been enough to destroy all three League destroyers; however, the Lyrans were undone by the eagerness of the four Makos to engage the League WarShips. The four Makos ranged ahead of the heavier Commonwealths, accompanied by only light Dropship support, and as a result the Lyran task group was divided across too broad a front.[1] The Talwar and her sister ships were able to use a combination of feints and sudden retreats to further disrupt the Lyran formation,[1] damaging two Makos[2] - the Nerva and the Vespasian[1] and forcing them to retreat, as well as nearly destroying a third Mako before the heavier Caledonia and Donegal were able to force the three destroyers to withdraw back to orbit above Bolan.[2]

The first Lyran group managed to successfully land its ground forces and then engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse with the four Free worlds League WarShips until the second Lyran group arrived above Bolan, having burned into orbit from the zenith jump point. All four Free Worlds League WarShips engaged the Lyran WarShips at this point[2] with the Aegis-class heavy cruiser Manaslu leading the charge, supported by a handful of assault DropShips and two squadrons of heavy aerospace fighters. The Tyberium had been heavily damaged by the Nerva and Vitellius during the initial engagement, but attempted to support the Manaslu as best she could; while the Manaslu inflicted heavy damage on the Caledonia, damaging the Lyran cruisers' port side fire control and her maneuvering drive, the Tyberium launched a suicidal attack on the Donegal. The Talwar and Turk were unable to assist either the Manaslu or the Tyberium, as they were locked in battle with the Aurelius and Vitellus; as the Talwar and Turk continued to battle the Makos, the Manaslu was savaged by return fire from the Caledonia, taking heavy damage to her prow, including strikes from at least two nuclear-tipped Barracuda missiles; the Caledonia was forced to retreat, but the Manaslu had lost her command centers, her sensor arrays and half her maneuvering thrusters, leaving her tumbling out of control. The crew of the Manaslu desperately launched escape pods even as the Donegal evaded the Tyberium's suicidal rush and crippled her engines. The crew of the Tyberium had no choice but to abandon ship, as she fell into Bolan's upper atmosphere and broke up, shedding escape pods right up until the last moment.[1]

Although the Manaslu and Tyberium were lost, the Talwar and the Turk were able to destroy the Aurelius and Vitellius, and were ordered to retreat by Colonel Tutt when they detected the LCS Furillo, a third Commonwealth, burning towards the battle from the zenith jump point.[1]


The Aurelius and her sister ships appear to have been named after the leaders of the ancient Roman Empire on Terra; in the case of the Aurelius, the leader in question is the ancient Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.


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