Aurigan Coalition Military

Aurigan Military Units[edit]

Aurigan Royal Guard
Aurigan Royal Guard
Aurigan Coalition Military
First Company
Second Company
Third Company
Rampart Company
Aurigan-Employed Mercenaries
Sablehart Irregulars
Barrameda's Blackguards
Antian Lanciarii
Irukjandi Company
Black Caravel

Uniforms and Ranks[edit]

Field Uniform[edit]

The standard field uniform of the Aurigan Coalition Military is a burgandy or dark gray fatigue. Personal equipment such as neurohelmets and flight vests vary from Federated Suns, Taurian or Capellan Confederation origin. An insignia of the soldier's rank is worn as a lapel.[1]

Dress Uniform[edit]

The Aurigan dress uniform is a dark gray tunic and trousers, with a high collared red and white coat. Gold accents on the coat is worn by officers.[2]

Despite dark gray or burgundy being prominent colors among the field and dress uniforms of the Aurigan Military, some uniform colors vary based on the Founding House that the soldier is based on.

Uniform Colors based on the various Aurigan Houses.
House Uniform Colors
Arano Red and Black with a gold trim[3]
Decimis Orange and slate gray with red trim[4]
Karosas Grey and white with navy trim[5]
Gallas Blue and forest green with nut brown trim[6]
Parata Green and brown[7]
Madeira Sky and navy blue with light blue trim[8]
Espinosa Green and black with silver trim[9]

✝ denotes a House that, as of 3027, is considered destroyed


Section Leader
Force Sergeant
Lance Sergeant
Battalion Chief-Sergeant


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